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Naruto gets sent on a mission along with Ino, Sakura, Hinata and Temari to Investigate a mysterious person wearing odd armor roaming the area. A very heavy thunderstorm was starting to appear, they were about to look for shelter when they encountered the person they were looking for. a battle quickly began and the mysterious person easily countered everything they threw at him, with one final attack he blew Naruto and the girls into a flowing river just as heavy rain began to fall. The target uses this oportunity to flea and Naruto and the girls quickly hurry to a nearby cave, they shed their clothes and huddle together to keep warm but Kurama was scheming something, as he began releasing his chakra causing the girls to go into heat.

                                                                     Warming up.

Naruto, Sakura, Ino and Hinata were gathered in the Hokage's office, Tsunade stared at them with her chin resting on her hands.

"Listen up, I have a very important mission for all of you." Tsunade begins.

"What kind of mission is it Milady?" Ino asks.

" Its a search mission, there have been reports of a suspicious individual roaming the elemental nations. He was seen last coming into the land of fire from the land of wind, You'll be meeting up with Temari who'll fill you in on who this individual is since she's the only one who got a good look at him." Tsunade finished.

"Alright, lets go get this guy!" Naruto said enthusiastic.

"Naruto calm down!" Sakura scolded him.

"Sorry Sakura-chan, its just that its been a while since we've had a mission like this and I'm pumped." Naruto explained.

"Be that as it may, that's still no reason to act recklessly." Tsunade warned him worriedly.

"Aw, you worry too much Baa-chan." Naruto tells Tsunade sheepishly.

"I wouldn't have to worry so much if you were a little more careful and would you stop calling me that!" Tsunade says annoyed.

"Okay then, we'll be on our way to meet Temari-san." Sakura says as she pushes Naruto outside the office.

"Um is there anything else Milady?" Hinata asked timidly.

"Yes, excersize extreme caution. this individual uses strange abilities, he manged to hold his own against the Kazekage while fending off the sand shinobi." Tsunade tells Hinata.

"Will do Ma'am." Ino confirmed as she and Hinata left Tsunade's office.

Tsunade sighs before turning around in her chair to look out the window, out in the distance she sees gathering storm clouds. " I have a bad feeling about this." she whispers to herself as she continues to watch the up coming storm.

Meanwhile Naruto, Ino, Hinata and Sakura are jumping from tree top to tree top to where they would rendezvous with Temari.

" I wonder who this person is that has the Hokage so worried?" Ino asked out loud.

"Well whoever he is, we must stop him." Sakura added in as they continued the rest of the way in silence.

After traveling for a couple miles they soon spotted Temari who was leaning against a tree, Temari sensed someone approaching and looked up to see The team Konoha had sent.  The Konoha group landed in front of her and Sakura steped up to Temari.

"Its good to see you Temari." Sakura greeted her.

"The feelings mutual, but we have to hurry or we'll loose him." Temari said urgently as the other nodded.

They began jumping across the tree tops with Temari leading them, Sakura noticed the tense look on Temari's face and became worried.

"Temari, are you alright?' Sakura asked.

"Huh?" Temari was caught off guard by Sakura's question.

" You look Really tense." Sakura told her.

"Oh that. Its just that I want to be alert just in case this guy ambushes us." Temari explained.

"can you tell us about this guy?" Naruto asked.

"Like how he infiltrated the village?" Ino added.

"about that, he just appeared out of nowhere." Temari answered Ino's question.

"what do you mean?" Sakura asked, as the other listened in.

"I just came back from a mission and as I was going to report in, a bizzare wall appeared and then it dissappeared but it left behind something." Temari began.

" Our Mysterious individual I presume ." Ino said to which Temari Nodded.

"He began looking around and that's when he spotted me, he then smiled before he left and then there was an explossion and the next thing I knew we were under attack by a guy wearing strange armour." Temari finished explaining.

"The sand village was under attack by just one person?" Ino asked.

"Yes and we were having a hard time taking him down, he used these strange abilities that seemed to counter our attacks." Temari explained, remembering how the assailant countered Gaara's sand.

"This guy sounds very dangerous if even Gaara had trouble with him." Naruto commented sounding a little worried.

"And he's roaming in the land of fire now, who knows what someone like that could do?" Sakura said.

They continued their search for the unknown intruder but they couldn't find a single trace of him. Storm clouds begin to form and the sound of thunder can be heard.

"Temari, I think we need to find shelter." Sakura informed her.

"Not yet he could be around here." Temari told Sakura as she landed in a clearing.

The others landed shortly after and the wind started to pick up, Naruto walked up to Temari and tried to convince her that they should seek shelter."Look Temari-chan, I want to catch this guy too but if we don't hurry and find a place to wait out this storm we'll be in trouble."

Temari looks at Naruto and then at the other girls. "I guess your right." Temari said finally giving in.

"Hey don't sweat it, I'm sure this guy is probably going to find someplace to escape the rain so we still have a chance to find him." Naruto tried to cheer her up as he placed his right hand on her left shoulder.

Temari smiles at the gesture and just as they were about to go she spots someone coming out of the woods.

" It can't be." Temari whispered as her eyes widened.

"what's the matter Temari-chan?" Naruto asked as he looked at where she's staring.

"That's the guy that attacked the sand village!" she said pointing to the person as he took notice of them.

"well, well, fancy meeting you here." He said causing them to take a battle stance.

"There's no way you're getting away this time." Temari declares as she prepares her fan.

"is that so?" He says before reaching into the pocket of his sweater and pulling out some odd device that looks like a buckle. " we'll just see about that." He then places the device in front of his waist and a belt comes out of a slot on the left side of the buckle looping around his waist until it connects to the other end of the buckle. A grey and silver booklet appears on the left side of the belt, the person opens the Ride Booker to reveal a single card in a holster along with others cards in a holster next to it. He picks the single card and opens the buckle by pulling at its sides causing the center of the buckle to turn on its side.

"Henshin!" He declares as he inserts the card into the open slot and pushes the sides of the buckle causing the center to turn to its original place.

Kamen Ride: Decade! The belt anounces as the person is covered in a black body suit that forms over him along with a helmet that has green eyes. Seven violet colored cards flew out of the chest and inserted into the helmet, causing the shoulders and the sides of his form to turn violet, the inner thighs and legs of the suitare colored white as well as an X which one end runs from his left shoulder armour down across his chest to under his right arm and the other end runs from under his left arm over his shoulder armour. everyone is surprised at the sudden transformation. The person now know as Decade removes his Ride Booker and it unfolds at the top and bottom, forming the hilt and blade of a sword.

"Shall we get started?" Decade asked as he charged at them.

Temari meet him halfway as she blocked his sword with her fan, Decade looked at her and chuckled.

"what's so funny?!" Temari demanded as she stared into his large green eyes and struggled to push him back.

"Its just that wherever I go I seem to encounter you five." Decade said as he pushed Temari away.

"Temari-chan!" Naruto cried out as he jumped and caught Temari.

"Nice catch." Decade complimented.

"who the hell are you!?" Naruto shouted still having Temari in his arms.

"I'm just passing-through Kamen Rider." Decade tells him before charging.

Naruto jumps out of the way with Temari just as Decade swung his sword, Sakura uses this opportunity to charge at Decade with a chakra enhanced punch. Decade saw this and duck down to dodge it before punching Sakura and causing her to skid back.

"You'd hit a woman?" Sakura asked as she wiped her mouth.

"A woman? Where?!" Decade asked looking around making Sakura angry. " I don't see a woman anywhere, all I see is a naive little girl." he mocked.

Sakura slams her fist into the ground creating large fissures, Decade jumps out of the way but Hinata was waiting for him as she attempted to strike him with a Jyuken but he kicked her away.

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto calls out as he catches her before she can hit the ground.

"T-thank you N-Naruto-kun." Hinata thanked him shyly with her face bright red.

"Hey, Look out!"

Naruto and Hinata looked to see Decade about to slash them, but Naruto blocks it with a kunai.

"You bastard." Naruto says as he struggles to hold Decade off.

Decade backs away and puts another card in his buckle. Attack Ride: Slash the buckle announces as Decade swings his sword creating a crescent red energy wave that quickly heads towards Naruto and Hinata. Thinking quickly Naruto pushes Hinata out of the way and takes the hit which causes an explosion.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata cries out, but then Five Naruto's emerge from the smoke cloud and charge at Decade.

"I can do that too." Decade says as he puts another card into his buckle.

Attack Ride: Illusion the buckle says as Decade splits into five copies of himself and each takes on a Naruto clone. The Naruto's are managing to hold their own but the Decades change their weapon into a gun and shoot down the Narutos causing the clones to dissappear only leaving the original.

"C'mon is that the best you've got?" Decade mocked.

"Wind Scythe Jutsu!"

Decade looks to his left and sees Temari swing her fully opened fan and unleashing an intense gust of wind. Decade tries to hold his ground but he's blown away and his clones dissappear, he rolls across the ground until he hits a tree. He starts getting up and sees that Temari preparing to swing her fan again.

"No you don't." Decade says as he inserts another card into his Decadriver.

Attack Ride: Blast, Decade points his gun at Temari and fires several violet energy spheres that swirl around as it heads towards her. She attempts to block it with her fan but its too much and she's blown away.

"Temari-chan!" Naruto cries out as he goes to her.

Temari tries to lift herself up but she's too weak, Decade slowly approaches her and points his gun at her. he's about to shoot her but turns around and shoots several Naruto clones that tried to sneak up on him and they poof out of existance.

"You can't sneak up on me." Decade says but then sees Sakura rush at him again, instead of dodging Decade's fist glows and he meets her attack causing a big explosion.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto cries out as he's helping Temari stand.

Sakura jumps out of the smoke and lands beside Naruto and Temari, Hinata also joins them as they all wait to see what Decade will do.

"Your pretty strong for a little girl." Decade says as he walks out of the smoke and dusts himself off.

"And your not very smart!"

Decade turns to his right to see Ino in a crouching position with her hands extended out towards him.

"Mind transfer Jutsu!" Ino declares as her body goes limp.

"Oh Shi-" Decade didn't finish as Ino took over, everyone watches as Decade looks back at them.

"Ino, is that You?" Sakura asked catiously.

"Yeah, its me forehead." Ino mocked inside Decade's body.

Everyone smiled but then their smiles quickly turned into shock, Ino noticed their looks and tilted her head in confusion.

"Hey, what's with those faces?" Ino asked not noticing Decade emerge from the smoke behind her.

"they're just dumbfounded." Decade commented.

Ino's eyes widen as she quickly turned around just as Decade made a upward horizontal slash causing the body that Ino was occupying to shatter. Ino's limp Body suddenly jumped back as her soul violently re-entered her body.

"Ino!" Sakura cried out in worry.

"You should never let your guard down." commented Decade as he pulled out another card. " The conditions may not be ideal but it'll have to do."

Decade insertd the card into the Decadriver, Kamen Ride: Riser! The Decadrive announces as Decade is shrouded in darkness, an audiable howl can be heard as the darkness dissappears revealing a comepletely diffirent person. Naruto and the others stare in shock at this transformation, the individual standng before them is dark skinned, with black spiky hair that stops at his upper back, grayish silver eyes that stare right through them, he's wearing black and red tennis shoes and black pants with the Decadrive around his waist, he has on a black shirt with an image of the full moon with the kanji for chaos in the middle is displayed on the front of his shirt; he has on a blood red hooded cloak and on his exposed right arm is a tattoo that says BAD DOG.

" Did he do a transformation Jutsu?" Sakura asked out loud.

"I've never seen a transformation Jutsu like that." Added in Hinata.

Riser's hands are engulfed in flames and as they dispersed two hand guns that are as white as the full moon appear in his hands. he points them at the group and fires several dark shots at them. Temari quickly gets in front of her friends and opens her fan to block the incoming shots.

"They're not as strong as his earlier shots!" Temari told her friends as she swing her fan and sent an intense wave of wind at Riser.

" Don't bet on it." Riser announced as he jumped up to avoid Temari's attack, he then inserts a card in his Decadrive.

Attack Ride: Hell Hounds! it announced as Riser fired four fireballs at Temari's wind Jutsu that turned into wolves, when the fire wolves entered the wind currents, the flames from their bodies spread out until they consume Temari's attack and form a giant wolf made of fire.

"No way!" Temari says shocked that he used her own attack to power up his and now the wolf is closing in on them.

"I got this!" Naruto says as he charges in front of Temari, He summons a clone and together they begin forming a rasengan." Choodama Rasengan!" he says as he slams a giant Rasengan against the upcoming flame wolf and the result is a massive explossion that covers the surroundng area.

The smoke clears to reveal a scorched area and Riser reverting back to Decade, "Damn, I wasn't able to use Riser's full abilities, meh maybe next time." he says to himself as he sees the smoke clearing where Naruto and the girls are, he sees several Naruto's in front of the girls. " So he used himself as a shield." Decade commented sounding impressed. he looks to where Ino was and sees three Naruto's surrounding her with burn marks on their clothes.

The clones dispersed only leaving the original Naruto, the wind begins to pick and Decade pulls out another card.

"Lets make this the last one." he said as he inserts the card into his Decadrive.

Final Attack Ride: D-D-D-Decade! The Decadrive announced as columns of cards appeared in front of Decade, Naruto sees this and starts Gathering chakra, his eyes becomes slits as a red chakra cloak forms around his body. He extends a chakra hand towards Ino and brings her to him, Decade begins to rise along with the columns until it forms an angle and he bends his left leg and extends his right leg in a kick position and goes through the columns. Naruto begins forming a red Rasengan as Decade's attack closes in.

"Rasengan!" Naruto declares as he thrusts his rasengan forward and colliding it with Decade's kick. The two attacks struggle against each other as they attempt to over power the other, until it was too much and a big explossion accured causing Naruto and The girls to be blown into a fast flowing River. Decade watched as they were swept away and turned back to normal.

"Hmph, they got away." He said smiling before walkng off just as a flash of lighting accured and he vanished.

Down stream Naruto managed to gather the girls around him and using his shadow clones made a rope by linking their arms towards the shore.

"Is everyone okay?" Naruto asked.

"Besides being thrown into a river and almost getting swept away?, I'm great!" Ino said sarcasticly as she tried to get the excess water out of her hair.

"At least it can't get any worse." Sakura said, just as as it started to rain heavily.

"You just had to say that didn't you forehead?" Ino told her friend annoyed.

"At least I'm not whinning Ino-pig!" Sakura shot back.

They both glared at each other before a bolt of lighting in the distance caused them to shriek and cower.

"M-maybe we should do this another time." Ino said hugging herself in fear.

"Y-your probably right." Sakura quickly agreed.

"We better find shelter before the storm gets worse!" Temari said as the sound of thunder can be heard around them.

They ran into the woods as the rain started getting heavier, Naruto soon spotted a cave that lead into a cliff.

"Hey, there's a cave over there!" Naruto pointed at the cave entrance and they all hurriedly ran inside just as the rain started to get worse.

Everyone was soaked to the bone and shivering, it was too bad to go outside and look for firewood and even if they did find any it would be of no use to them.

"Just great, it was bad enough that we got our asses handed to us but now we're going to freeze to death." Ino complaind, her teeth chatering from the cold. but then the cave was suddenly illuminated.

Everyone turned to the source and saw Hinata standing next to an open fire, Hinata was getting nervous as everyones attention was now on her.

"Hinata, how did you make that?" Ino asked surprised but glad.

"Um well I found some firewood nearby and used a fire jutsu to light it." Hinata explained as she looked away with her face red.

"Wow, lucky for us you were here Hinata." Naruto complimented causing Hinata to blush harder.

"Alrght listen up everyone, we need to get out of these wet clothes or we'll get Hyporthermia." Sakura told them causing everyone to look at her like she's crazy.

"Uh Forehead, you do realize Naruto is here right?" Ino said pointing her thumb at Naruto.

"Don't remind me." Sakura said blushing as she started removing her skirt.

"We don't have a choice at the moment, I'm sure Naruto won't try anything." Temari glared at Naruto.

They began removing their wet clothes although Hinata was a little hessitant to do so, Naruto stripped to his boxers while the girls remained in their bra and panties. Ino took this time to look at the other girls bodies.

"Looking good there forehead."Ino told her friend as she took in Sakura's body, she had a petite but athletic frame with a slim waistline, nicely shaped hips and toned stomach. " Its not nearly as nice as my body, but still good."

"gee thanks Ino." Sakura said sarcastic as she looked at Ino's body. her platinum blonde hair complimented her pale skin, her breast were a decent size a C cup and she had a slim waistline that led to nicely shaped legs.

"Temari's isn't bad either." Ino said shifting her view to Temari, she had fair skin and her breasts were a little bigger than Ino's. her body was more athletic but she still looked Sexy with her nicely shaped legs and flat stomach. "But Hinata."

Ino, Sakura and Temari looked at Hinata causing her to blush, her body is what most women dream of. Pale skin that glowed in the fires light, slim waistline that lead to her nicely shaped thighs and legs. but her most attracting feature was her huge breasts, that were barely contained in her blue bra.

"Why do you hide such a body under those baggy clothes?" Ino aked making Hinata more embarrassed.

Wanting to save the Hyuga from further embarrassment Temari casts a glance at Naruto. "Check out the stud."

Sakura, Ino and Hinata look at Naruto and they couldn't help but blush, Naruto has a strong muscular chest with Six pack abs, his strong muscular arms and legs would make any woman drool.

"Wow Naruto, You look great!" Ino complimented as she couldn't take her eyes away from Naruto's body.

"You think so?" Naruto replied nervously as he scratched the back of his head.

"What kind of workout do you do to get like that?' asked Ino.

"Just regular training I guess." Naruto replied.

"There's no way regular training can produce results like that." Ino told him pointing at his rock hard body as dropplets of water ran down his chest.

"If you saw how hard he trains and how often then you would believe him." Sakura added in.

They then gathered around the fire as they placed their wet clothes over a makeshift hanger made from the poles of their tents. despite the fires warmth they still felt cold.

"Listen I think we need to share our body heat in order to stay warm." Sakura told everyone.

"You don't mean..." Hinata trailed off as her mind tried to fathom what Sakura was Implying.

"We have to cuddle." Ino said as she eyed Naruto.

Naruto gulped as Sakura motioned for him to lay down and they knelt down next to him, Ino wraped Naruto's right arm over her shoulders, she marveled at how his muscled arm felt against her skin. Sakura wraped his left arm over her shoulders and placed a hand on his abs. Hinata joined Ino as she nervously placed the remainder of Naruto's arm over her shoulder and Temari did the same. Naruto's heartbeat quickened as he felt Ino and Sakura's smoothe skin against his. he glances down to see the girls with their eyes closed and breathing calmly which means they have fallen asleep.

"They feels so warm, I'm so lucky!" Naruto says mentally as he tries to get some sleep.

However deep within Naruto's mind the Nine tailed fox sees this situation as an oportunity and begins to leak chakra through the bars of his cage. Meanwhile, Naruto's body began leaking out red chakra until it completely covers himself and the girls. The girls begin moving as the red chakra is starting to have an effect on them, they shift uncomfortably as their bodies start feeling hot. their breasts begin to grow causing strain on their bras until it was too much and they burst freeing their enormous breasts. Sakura now had a D cup while Ino and Temari had an E cup but Hinata had an impressive F cup. Their bodies started to change as their waists became slimmer their thighs expanded causing their panties to break apart. Ino's right hand wandered up her chest cupping her left breast while her other hand went in between her legs. she rubbed her clit between her fingers as she pinched her nipple. There was this itch that she couldn't seem to scratch as a fire ignited deep within her, Ino's eyes slowly opened as she looked at her surroundings and saw the other girls massaging their breasts and rubbing their pussies. Ino looked at Naruto and looked over his body hungrily she ran a hand across his toned chest until it reached his boxers, she began rubbing his cock causing it to get bigger and harder.

She slipped a hand inside his boxers and freed his massive cock, she marveled at the size and brought her face close to it. she gave it a few sultry licks causing Naruto to moan in his sleep before engulfing it in her mouth. Naruto's body tensed as Ino's tongue massaged his massive shaft, she brought her hand up to play with his balls as she continued to suck vigorously on his cock. Naruto let out several grunts as he was approaching his climax, Ino noticed this and started bobing her head faster and pumping his shaft until Naruto finally exploded in her mouth. Ino tried swallowing all of his cum but there was so much that it began to leak from the sides of her mouth, As she removed her mouth from his cock, it was still squirting out and some of it landed on Sakura's, Hinata's and Temari's faces. The three women supconsciously licked off the bit of cum that was on their lips and upon tasting it a powerfull urge overtook them.

They slowly opened their eyes and saw Ino positioning her pussy over Naruto's cock before impaling herself with it. Ino jerked upright as the pain of loosing her virginity coursed through her but soon it began to fade as pleasure started to overtake her body, however this caused Naruto's eyes to fly open and upon seeing a naked Ino he began to move away, but Ino held him down by his shoulders.

"I-Ino-chan, W-what're you doing?!" Naruto asked nervously as he stared into Ino's hungry eyes.

"That's what I should be saying, we've only just gotten started." Ino tells him as she licks her lips and moves her hips.

Naruto starts grunting as he feels pleasure spread through his body, he starts thrusting to match Ino's movements and causes her to throw her head back in pleasure, Naruto looks at Ino as she rides him cowgirl style and brings his hands up to cup her massive breasts.

"ohhhhh YES THAT'S IT, FONDLE MY TITS!" Ino commands as she continues to ride him harder,

Naruto pushes himself into a sitting position and he starts sucking on Ino's breast causing her to moan in pleasure, he nibbles on her nipples and twirls his tongue around them. Ino flails her head around at the increadible pleasure that's she's recieving, she starts moving her hips faster as she feels a need inside of her that won't be satisfied until it gets what it wants.

"Ino-chan I'm-" Naruto grunted as he was quickly approaching his climax.

"CUM WITH ME NARUTO-KUN....CUM INSIDE ME!" Ino demanded of him as Naruto's thrusts quickened and with one last powerful thrust penetrated into her womb and filled it with his seed. "YES THAT'S IT, FILL ME COMPLETELY!" Ino howled as Naruto continued to pump more of his seed into her. Ino experienced several earth shattering orgasms at once before her mind blanked out and she fell on top of Naruto.

"That......was......intense." Naruto commented as he lied on his back and tried to catch his breath, he then felt Ino's body being removed from on top of him only to be replaced by three others.

"Ready for more Naruto-kun." Temari said smiling as she stared into Naruto's eyes.

"You didn't think you were finished did you?" asked Sakura as she looked at Naruto's perplexed face.

"We want what you gave Ino-san." Hinata said as she rubed her hand across Naruto's toned chest.

Naruto stared up at the three girls in shock, he felt the softness of their breasts on his chest which caused his cock to instantly harden. Naruto quickly rose and pinned Sakura underneath him as he held on to her hands and intertwined their fingers.

"Hey not so-"

Sakura was cut off as Naruto covered her mouth with his, his tongue darted inside and explored every inch of her mouth. Sakura's eyes widen at the action but slowly closed as she fell into the kiss and met his tongue with hers. Their tongues battle for dominance as Naruto positioned his cock at Sakura's entrance, he sheaths his entire length into Sakura causing her to yelp in his mouth. Naruto removes his mouth from Sakura's and begins assaulting her breasts. The pain of loosing her virginity begins to fade and is quickly being replaced by pleasure, Naruto begins to thrust into Sakura as he nibbles on her nipples. Sakura begins to moan as Naruto thrusts deep into her, with her hands restrained all she could do was wrap her legs around Naruto's waist as he continues to fuck her.

"YES, FUCK ME NARUTO-KUN!" Sakura screamed as Naruto thrusts harder into her and the head of his cock hits the entrance of her womb.

" Its interesting to see you squirm like this Sakura-chan, you've always acted tough and pound me to the ground. Its nice seeing our roles reversed." Naruto commented as his cock continues to hit the entrance of her womb.


"You like being dominated don't you?" Naruto says grinning.



Sakura looked at Naruto's grinning face with wide eyes, Naruto leaned his head close to Sakura's ear and whispered. " I'm going to make you my vixen." with that said he started bucking his hips wildly into her causing his cock to penetrate her womb and hit the inner wall.

"FUCK YES, KEEP FUCKING YOUR VIXEN NARUTO-KUN!" Sakura said as Naruto pounds into her.

As he's fucking Sakura he feels a pair of arms wrap around his torso, he looks to see Temari and Hinata on either side of him.

"I know your busy with Sakura, but give us some attention too." Temari said as kissed Naruto passionetly.

"M-me too." Hinata said as she grabbed Naruto's face to pull him away from Temari and covered his lips with hers.

Naruto removes his hands from Sakura's and placed them over Temari's and Hinata's soaking pussy. he begins rubbing their clits causing them to moan and bend over slightly. he then inserts one finger into them and rubs their inner walls, Temari and Hinata moan as Naruto's finger rubs near their sweet spot, Naruto then adds another finger and thrusts his fingers in and out of them in a steady rhythm causing them to groan loudly and move their hips against his hands. Naruto still continues to pound away at Sakura as she digs her fingers into the ground underneath her, Naruto feels his release approaching so he removed his fingers from Temari and Hinata and held Sakura down by her arms again as he thrusts wildly into her.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!" Sakura called out arching her back as she experiences one of the most powerfull orgasms she's ever felt (which was also her first.) Her inner walls clamped around Naruto's cock causing him to reach his climax and spill his seed in her womb. Naruto kept pumping  more of his cum into Sakura causing her stomach to expand slightly, he removed his still erect cock from Sakura causing some of his cum to leak out. As he was catching his breath he felt someone grab his shoulders and slam him against the cave wall.

" I thought we told you to give us pleasure too?" Temari told Naruto angrily.

"Your so cruel Naruto-kun." Hinata pouted.

Naruto stared at them nervously but then something inside him snaped as he glared at Temari and Hinata causing them to be taken aback.

"You don't order me around, when it comes to me fucking you I'm in charge, you got that?!" Naruto commanded and causing Hinata and Temari to quickly not in agreement. They were both getting turned on by Naruto asserting his alpha male side. Naruto Grabed Hinata and placed her on the cave floor, then he placed Temari on top of her causing their enormous breasts to be pressed against each other. Naruto began rubbing his cock at Hinata's entrance causing her to squirm underneath Temari.

"P-please don't tease me." Hinata said.

"you really want it huh?" Naruto said sliding his cock between Hinata and Temari's pussies.


"what do you want?" He asked her.

"Your cock." Hinata whispered.

"what was that?" Naruto asked poking the tip at Hinata's entrance.

"I want your cock." Hinata said a little louder.

"Still can't hear you, if you don't speak up I'll give it to Temari-chan." Naruto threatened as he removed his tip from Hinata's entrance.


"Now that's more like it!" Naruto said as he plunged his cock inside Hinata and hitting the entrance of her womb.

Hinata gasped as she felt Naruto's enormous cock penetrate her, he started thrusting slowy to get Hinata use to his cock and he inserted a finger into Temari's pussy to stimulate and to get her ready for when its her turn. Hinata started moaning as pleasure started to envelope her body which caused Naruto to increase his pace. Hinata's moans grew louder as Naruto thrusted harder and deeper into her, Naruto played with Temari's clit with his free hand as he continued to thrust his fingers in her pussy. Temari grunted as Naruto stimulated her pussy, she looked down to see Hinata's pleasure filled face and bend down to plant kisses along her neck before kissing Hinata fully on the lips. Seeing Temari kiss Hinata was a real turn on as he started thrusting even faster making Hinata moan in Temaris mouth, they broke the kiss as Naruto brought his arms underneath Temari's legs and lifted her ass to get access to her pussy. Naruto dove right in as he twirled his tongue inside Temari's pussy, Temari moaned as Naruto's tongue explored her pussy and stimulated all the right places. Hinata looked up at Temari and latched on to one of her swaying breasts and begun sucking on it. Temari's senses were on overload and this caused her to quickly reach her release. Naruto was gulping down Temari's juices, the taste of Temari caused him to reach his release as he did one last thrust deep into Hinata and penetrating her womb where he dumped a huge load of cum.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata screamed happily as her womb was filled with Naruto's seed and she experienced several powerful orgasms.

Naruto set Temari down and she looked at Hinata's face which had an expression that said she has been fucked silly. before she could comment on it though she was suddenly lifted to stand on all fours as Naruto positioned his still hard cock at her entranced and thrusted deep into her and penetrating her womb.

"This position suits you Temari-chan." Naruto commented as he pounded away into Temari doggy style.

"d-don't say that!" Temari said between thrusts as Naruto's cock kept penetrating her  womb and the sensation of his cock penetrating her womb repeatedly was driving her wild.

"Why not?, your body is reacting nicely to this position and it suits us." replied Naruto as he bent down to fondle Temari's breasts.

"Suits us?!" Temari gasped as Naruto fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples while he pounded into her, his balls smacking against her clit providing more stimulation.

"Yes, I'm the ninetailed fox's jinchuuriki, besides his chakra I've gained his instincts and you are my mate just like the others. Foxes naturally mate in this position." He informed her.

Temari knew that he was right and his words were even turning her on if that was possible, she began to imagine herself as running through the woods naked before being confronted by an equally naked Naruto, they circled each other and examined their bodies. Temari liked what see sees and so did Naruto, she then got on all fours and shaked her ass at Naruto, inviting him to mate with her, as soon as Naruto inserted his cock into her, Temari was snaped back to Reality.

"YES, FOXES DO MATE LIKE THIS, MATE WITH ME NARUTO-KUN. MATE WITH YOUR VIXEN!" Temari shouted as she fully accepted what she has now become, Naruto's mate, his vixen, his partner from here on out and the one who will secure his legacy.

"THAT'S THE WAY!" Naruto growled as he leand against Temari's back and thrusted wildly into her. he bit on to her neck causing Temari to growl both in pain and pleasure. "Temari-chan I'm cumming!" Naruto said as he let go of Temari's neck.

"Do it Naruto-kun, cum in your vixen!" Temari told him.

Naruto grunted as he gave one last powerfull thrust into Temari and filling her womb to the brim.



They both howled each others name in pleasure as a flash of lighting illuminated the cave and their eyes breifly became slits, they both collapsed with Naruto collapsing next to Temari to avoid crushing his vixen. They both panted as they basked in the aftermath of their mating, then Temari looked towards Naruto and pounced on him. Before Naruto could say anything Temari gave him a deep passionate kiss, Naruto gave in as he wraped his arms around her waist as they tasted each others mouths. they eventually part leaving a trail of saliva between their mouths, Temari rubbed her face against Naruto's affectionately.

"More." Temari said as her body started feeling hot and re-energized.

"you want more?" Naruto asked, his cock hardening as he picked up the scent of Temari in heat.


Naruto looked to his left to see Ino, Sakura and Hinata crawling on all fours towards him, Naruto had a feral smirk as he formed a cross sign and made 11 shadow clones.

"Then lets get started!" All the Naruto clones said in unison as they pounced on the girls.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" Sakura screamed out as she was being fucked in both her pussy and ass, as one of the Naruto's that was pounding her pussy held her up from under her legs, she could feel both Naruto's cocks grinding against each other, a third clone grabed her mouth and started kissing her.

"THAT'S IT STUD, FUCK BOTH MY HOLES!" Ino shouted in pleasure as she rode one of the Naruto's who was lying on his back cowgirl style while another Naruto was pounding away at her ass and fondling her breasts. the third Naruto grabed her face and shoved his cock down her throat. Ino almost gaged at being forced to swallow his enormous cock she fought against it as she started bobing her head and sucking furiously on his cock.

"Hinata your breasts feel so good!" One of the Naruto's said as he thrusted his cock in between Hinata's huge breasts, Hinata was sucking on another Naruto's cock as she bounced on the cock of another Naruto beneath her.

"Hinata I'm comming!" The Naruto's said as they all came in unison, The one that Hinata was giving a titfuck too cumed all over her face while she attempted to swallow the huge load that The Naruto she was sucking off unleashed into her mouth and she was being creampied by the third Naruto.

Hinata removed her mouth from one of the Naruto's cocks as she swallowed the remaining cum in her mouth before collapsing on the Naruto underneath her, Feeling her massive breasts against his chest caused that Naruto's cock to harden inside her. The Second Naruto positioned himself behind Hinata and started inserting his cock into her ass. Hinata tensed as she felt Naruto's cock entering her ass, Naruto started thrusting his cock in and out of her ass causing Hinata to moan.

Meanwhile another Naruto was on his back as he pounded away into Temari's ass as she laid on top of him with her back facing him. Another Naruto was sitting upright as he bucked his hips into Temari's pussy, a third Naruto was on his hands and feet over Temari as he thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth.

"I'm going to cum!" all the Naruto's said in unison as they came inside the girls, they continued this for several hours as they alternated and even the girls took part in pleasing each other. the cave was quickly filled with the smell of sex as the group mating continued. soon the storm was starting to die down as the girls laid across the cave floor comepletely covered in Naruto's seed,  they have hazy far away looks in their eyes and tongues sticking out of their mouths as their urge and need they felt earlier had been fulfilled. Naruto was panting as he stood over the girls who lay comatose, he smiled as he observed his handywork. the girls were really ravenous as they begged him to fuck them in every which way, he didn't know what caused them to behave like this but he wasn't complaining. Exhaustion began to overtake him as he started falling back and as soon as his back hit the floor he was fast asleep with a satisfying smile on his face. Everything was quiet until red chakra started leaking out of Naruto and the girls, the chakras merged together and the seal holding the nine tailed fox appeared on Naruto's stomach. the seal began to undo itself as a glob of chakra started emerging from the seal and head out the cave entrance, once outside it began to form into the nine tailed fox.

"Yes, I'm finally free!" The Nine Tailed fox shouted with glee, as his body began to form until only his tails was still connected to Naruto." Thanks brat, you and your vixens did your part to free me wonderfully. but now its over." the last bit of the fox's tail began to exit Naruto who was starting to get weaker and weaker.

"Goodbye boy, at least I gave you a great parting gift and there's a chance that your memory will live on."The fox said but before he could pull the last inch of his tail out, he froze. " What?!" He finds his body surrounded by a yellow aura that's preventing him from moving.

"I will not allow you to spread chaos across the world."

The fox looked to the direction of the voice and saw a very beautiful woman walking elegently towards him wearing a beautiful white gown like a princess with the Decadrive wraped around her waste, a necklace in the shape of a golden sun adorns her neck with matching earings, her pink, green and blue hair flows gently in the wind as she stares at the Nine Tailed Fox with her purple eyes.

"Who are you?!" The fox demanded.

"I am the one who shall stop you from taking an innocent life." She said as she pulled out a card from the Ride Booker.

Far off in the distance a loud roar can be heard as a pillar of light shot into the sky before a rainbow collored beam descended into the ground.

The following Morning Naruto and the girls woke up feeling refreshed not even minding that they were all naked and the girls covered in cum, they returned to the village to report to Tsunade who told them that the mysterious person known as Decade has suddenly vanished and all sightings of him had stoped. Naruto and his group was vissibly upset at this and after Tsunade dismissed them, went home to rest.

The following morning Naruto was sleeping peacefully on his bed when he felt something off, he slowly opened his eyes and saw a bulge underneath his cover. his eyes widen as he quickly removed the covers to reveal Ino sucking on his cock.

"Ino-chan?!" Naruto screamed in surprise.

"Good morning Stud."Ino greeted him before going back to suck on his cock.

Naruto groaned as Ino wraped her tongue around his cock and then licked the tip, waking up and recieving a blowjob was too much for Naruto as he exploded in Ino's mouth. Ino managed to swallow all of his cum and marveled at the taste.

"Mmmm tasty." Ino said as she sat up and removed her top exposing her massive breasts.

"H-hey wait a minute!" Naruto began to protest.

"You don't want to mate?" Ino asked as she removed her skirt and panties.

"well yeah But-"

"Great!" Ino cut him off as she began positioning his cock at her entrance but before she could insert it insde of her, the door to Naruto's room swung open to reveal Sakura, Hinata and Temari.

"I knew it!" Sakura shouted angrily.

"Tch." Ino narrowed her eyes at the girls that surrounded Naruto's bed.

"Ino pig we agreed not to get the jump on each other!" Sakura yelled angrily as a tick appeared on her forehead.

"I couldn't help myself." Ino said mockingly as she stuck her tongue out at them.

"Ino-san we all agreed to mate with Naruto together and tell him the news." HInata said.

This caught Naruto's attention " News, What news?" he asked.

"That the Uzumaki clan will live on." Ino said as she placed her hands on her stomach which the other girls did as well.

Naruto's eyes widen as his mind processed that information, he looked at each of the women who looked at him with a smile on their lips and a tint of red across their face.

"I'm....going to be a Daddy?" he asked to which everyone nodded, a smile quickly spread across his face and he gathered all the girls into his arms." I'm going to be a daddy, I'm gong to be a Daddy." Naruto repeated as tears formed in his eyes.

The girls smiled as they embraced him and let him sob into their shoulders, after a few minutes of silence Ino was the first to speak." You have some pretty pottent stuff Naruto-kun."

"What do you mean?" He asked as he dried his tears.

"You managed to get us pregnant in one of our non fertile days." Sakura said.

"What?" Naruto said looking at  Sakura with wide eyes.

"Apparently when we were having sex, it triggered our ovulation and that's how we got pregnant." Sakura explained as she rubed her belly.

"How's that possible?" Asked Naruto.

"We're not entirely sure." Temari added in.

"lets worry about that later, right now we should be celebrating." Ino said lustfully as she licked her lips.

"For once your right piggy." Sakura agreed as she, Hinata and Temari started removing their clothing.

"Hell yeah, this is the greatest day of my life!" Naruto said Happily as they all engaged in their "celebration".

Meanwhile outside Naruto's apartment, the mysterious man is leaning against a nearby tree.

"The heavens must definetly be in your favor Naruto." He says as he looks at a card that looks like the woman that confronted the Fox. " If I didn't stop on this world then Kurama's plan to get you to unleash your primal instincts along with those girls to weaken the seal enough for him to escape would have succeded." He then jumped into the air. " on top of that you scored with four hotties at the same time and they want to be with you, lucky bastard just like in all the other worlds I've visited." With that said a space/time distortion wall appeared in front of him and as he entered it the wall dissappeared along with him.

Well I hope you enjoyed it, this was a request done for brother of kane and I enjoyed writing it. The Oc Riser belongs to SHADOW FLAMETHROWER who gave me permission to use him. can you guess who the woman that defeated Kurama was? please leave a positive review and Decade will continue to make cameo appearances in my other stories until he takes center stage in a future story. as for Decade having cards that aren't kamen riders, this Decade isn't like the original one the person who is Decade is not Tsukasa Kadoya but an OC of mine. I will explain it more when he gets his own story.
Disclaimor: I don't own Naruto, It belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

                                                         Spending Time Together.

Sakura was waiting patiently outside of Naruto's apartment door, She could barely sleep last night as her thoughts were consumed with what was inside that bag Naruto had refused to show her Yesterday. She was tapping her foot impatiently when the door slowly opened revealing Naruto clad in only his boxers and a white undershirt.

"Sakura-chan, What are you doing here this early?" Naruto asks rubbing the remaining sleep from his eyes.

Sakura didn't bother answering as she pushed past Naruto and letting herself inside his apartment. She braced herelf for the mess she encountered last time but she was pleasently surprised to find that his apartment was spotless.

"wow Naruto, You actually tidied up the place." Sakura teased.

"Yeah well I had to in case you showed up again." Naruto told her although he had Ino to thank for his apartment being clean, as she provided an incentive if he kept his room clean.

Sakura looked around his room looking for the bag she saw yesterday, everything was so neatly put away so she had no problem quickly looking over everything. She sighs in frustration when she couldn't find the bag.

"Can I help you with something Sakura-chan?" Naruto asks leaning  Against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Sorry Naruto, but I'm looking for-" Sakura stops as she takes a good look at Naruto, without his jacket on she can clearly see his muscled chest and his strong Muscular arms. she glanced down and noticed his muscular althletic legs, her mouth started to water at the site.

Naruto noticed her stare and smirked. " LIke what you see?" He asked as he stretched his arms over his head.

"I...I...I" Sakura couldn't form any words as she watched Naruto flex his muscles.

Naruto was enjoying this, he always wanted Sakura to notice him and now that she was he was going to make her want to notice him more often. He continued to stretch and then getting down on the floor to do some more streatches when an Idea hit him.

"Hey Sakura-chan?" Naruto called her attention.

"W-what?" Sakura studered.

"Do you mind helping me stretch?" Naruto asked.

"S-sure!" Sakura replied, internally she was excited that she would get to feel Naruto's muscles.

"Can you push my back forward?" he asked sitting with his legs apart.

"Okay." Sakura replied, her heart was pounding as she placed her hands on his back. she could feel how hard his muscles felt against her small hand. Her hands roamed his back and feeling more of his muscles, She started feeling hot and started rubbing her thighs together.

"Um Sakura-chan?" Naruto called her attention but she was lost in her mind.

Sakura had this overwhelming urge to rip off Naruto's clothes so she can feel and see more of his body.


She wanted to lick his muscled chest, to feel his strong arms wrap around her and hold her gently making her feel safe and loved.


She wanted him to kiss her body and make her sutter in pleasure, then wanted him to join with her and fill her with-



"Can you ease up a little?" Naruto asks, as Sakura looks to see that she's crushing him against the woden floor.

"Oh, Sorry!" Sakura apologizes as she quickly pulls her hands away from him.

"Its okay." Naruto tells her as he gets up and stretches his back. "So what brings you by?"

"Oh, I just wanted to see if you'd let me see what was in that bag now?' She asked nervously.

"Couldn't this have waited until later, its still kinda early." He reasoned.

"Oh Sorry, its just that I really wanted to see what was inside." Sakura apologizes as she realizes that maybe she should have waited till later.

"You're that eager to see what it was I bought?" Naruto asks crossing his arms.

Sakura nods timidly, her head cast down as she couldn't look at Naruto.

Naruto sighs before saying "Sorry Sakura-chan but I no longer have it."


"Yeah, I kinda already gave it away." He says while scratching the back on his head nervously.

"So You already delivered it to your job?" Sakura asks feeling dejected.

"Job?, What job?" He asks confused.

"The job your doing with Ino Remember?, she told me about it yesterday." Sakura asks raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, that job." He says, pretending to remember.

"What kind of job is it?" She asks.


"I said, what kind of job is it that you two are doing?" Sakura asks again.

"Uh well, you see.." Naruto tries to think of something but nothing comes to mind.

"Well?" Sakura asks getting impatient.

"Ask Ino-chan!" Naruto blurted out.

"Why when I can ask you?" Sakura questioned.

"Because it was her Idea and she made me promised not to tell anyone." Naruto told her.

"Is it that bad?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah." Naruto said blushing.

Sakura noticed his blush and concluded that whatever the job is it must be something if Naruto and Ino are embarrassed to talk about it. "Oh alright but what was in the bag anyway?"

"It was for Ino." He answered.

"What did you give her?" She asked

"It was something she ordered and she asked me to pick it up." Naruto lied.

"Did you take a peek?" Sakura asked raising an eyebrow.

"Maybe a little." Naruto said.

"what was it?"

"I can't really explain, but when I handed it to her she said something along the lines of This will put me one step ahead of forehead." Naruto told her.

"She did huh?" Sakura said with annoyance, she was going to get Ino for that comment and as luck would have it, today they were both scheduled to train with the Hokage. Sakura smirked, she was really going to enjoy this training session.

"Okay, Thanks Naruto  sorry I woke you up so early." Sakura apologized.

"Its alright, glad I could help." Naruto said as he followed Sakura to his door.

"Say Naruto?" Sakura asked as Naruto opened the door for her.


Sakura looks at Naruto but then she shakes her head " Its nothing never mind."

"If you say so." Naruto shrugs.

"I'll see you later Naruto." Sakura waves Goodbye as she makes her way down the hall of his apartment building.

"Later Sakura-chan." Naruto closes the door and leans his back against it. "That was close." he sighs in relief before ruffling his spiky hair. " I better give Ino-chan a heads up."

Later in the Yamanaka home Mrs Yamanaka is walking to her daughters room and knocks on the door  " Ino its time to get up."

She waits for a reply but after waiting for a while doesn't hear anything. "Ino?" Mrs Yamanaka then opens the door to her daughter's room " Ino didn't you hear me I said-" She stops when she notices that she wasn't in her room, in fact the room looked like it hadn't been used since last night.

"Did she even come home last night?" Mrs Yamanaka began to worry, she turned around to go get Inoichi when she bumped into something.

"Hey, where's the fire?"

Mrs. Yamanaka Looked to see that she ran into her husband Inoichi " Inoichi-kun, Ino hasn't been in her room last night." she tells him worriedly.

"I just saw Ino working in the garden." He tells her.

"what?" Mrs Yamanaka says with wide eyes.

"yeah I saw her working on a new lot, when I asked her about it she says that its a secret." Inoichi tells her.

"I see." Mrs Yamanaka says with a sigh.

In the backyard Ino is planting new seeds for a special type of flower, after planting the seeds she places her palms over the dirt patch and starts pumping chakra into it. As she does this her eyes suddenly start glowing but then the glowing stops and she sighs.

"Damn it forehead, why are you so nosy?" Ino says annoyed. " And now I have to make up a job that sounds believeble."

She Finishes her gardening and heads back inside, she sits down with her family and they all enjoy breakfast together.

"It's nice to enjoy a nice meal together as a family." Mrs Yamanaka says as she serves herself a glass of Orange Juice.

"What do you mean mom?" Ino asks as she digs into her plate which has more food than either of her parents.

"Well you and your father are busy with your missions and training that we rarely get to spend time together as a Family so I have to treasure moments like these." She tells them Honestly.

Ino takes a bite of food from her fork when she heard her mother's words and pauses, she thinks to her own family and begins to wonder  if she should be doing more to spend time with them like taking them to the park or just taking them out for a walk to get some fresh air.

Inoichi notices Ino's far away look " Ino, is everything alright?"

Ino snaps out of her thoughts and sees both her parents looking at her worriedly.  " Oh yeah everything is fine, You know what Mom I agree with you. Maybe we can organize a family outing." she offered up.

"You know that's not a bad Idea." Inoichi said liking the idea of a family outing.

"I agree, I could make us some food and we'll have a picnic." Mrs Yamanaka added her own two cents.

"Great then we should pick a date so we can tell everyone ahead of time that we'll be busy." Ino recomended.

"Excellent, this is going to be a great." Inoichi said happily.

"Maybe I'll be able to tell you guys about them during that time." Ino muttered.

"Did you say something dear?" Mrs. Yamanaka asked.

"I was just saying that this is going to be one family outing we won't forget." she said "In more ways than one." she thought.

" That's thinking positive." Inoichi said.

The family resumed their meal and Ino was already on her second helping, Ino's parents watched their daughter in amazement as she consumes a large portion of food.

"I see you have a healthy apetite Ino." Mrs Yamanaka noted.

Ino Looks to her mother with her cheeks stuffed with food, she swallows it and wipes her mouth with a napkin " Yeah well I need alot of energy and My training helps me burn unwanted calories." She told her.

"That's good to hear." Inoichi says proudly.

"But the amount your eating its like your eating for two." Mrs Yamanaka joked.

Ino however didn't find that funny however as she almost joked on her food, she quickly reached for her juice and drank its contents until she felt the blockage pass down her throat.

"Mom that's not funny!" Ino shouted embarrassed.

"yes dear you shouldn't joke around like that." Inoichi told his wife, finding the joke to be alarming.

"Oh lighten up you two its just a comparison, unless Ino Really is eating for two." Mrs. Yamanaka said as she and her husband turned their attention to Ino.

"I'm not pregnant!" She tells them. "At least not anymore." she thought.

The family resumed their meal and went to do their daily reutines, Ino headed to the training ground where she and Sakura were suppose to meet the Hokage. when she arrived she saw that the Hokage and Sakura where working on a few warm up exercises.

"Ino, right on time." Tsunade adressed her.

Ino and Sakura stood side by side waiting for the Hokage to instruct them on what they will be doing.

"Alright for today I want you two to engage in some light sparring so I can ases your current skill level and to see what areas you've improved and need improvement." Tsunade told them.

"What are the rules of the spar?" Sakura asked.

"You are allowed to use Five training Shuriken, Three training Kunai. and four training paper bombs. other than that you can use whatever jutsu you want, provided it doesn't seriously injure your openent." Tsunade instructed them.

They both nodded and took positions on oposite sides of each other, Sakura was putting on her gloves as Ino was stretching.

"Are you ready Ino?" Sakura asked confidently, she always wins these spars although Ino didn't make it easy.

"Bring it on forehead." Ino mocked, she had a couple of surprises in store for Sakura.

"Alright, Begin!" Tsunade declared as Sakura started things off by gathering chakra into her right fist and colliding it with the ground causing it to shattered.

Ino was caught off guard when the ground beneath her suddenly split and large pieces of the ground shot up, but she manged to regain her footing and backfliped away from the area of attack. Sakura used this oportunity to Launch a training Kunai with a training paper bomb attached to it. Ino however sees this and throws a training Kunai to deflect it followed by a training shuriken. Sakura dodges it by bending backwards, but when she sets herself upright she sees Ino in a familiar pose.

"MInd Transfer Jutsu!" Ino declares as her body goes limp.

Sakura quickly scans around her and reaches for the large rock near her, she grabs on to it with enough force that her fingers sink into the stone. She pulls herself to the sside just barely avoiding Ino's attack and Uses that same momentum to launch herself at her.

"Got you Ino!" Sakura thinks as she tackles Ino on to the ground, but as soon as they hit the ground it suddenly turns into mud. " What the hell?!"  Sakura is surprised but then Ino emerges from the mud completely mud free.

"Got you forehead." Ino mocked as she sood on top of the mud.

"Ino, when did you do this?" Sakura asked as she rose to stand on the mud with her chakra.

"You didn't think I'd leave myself unprotected did you, you fell for the same trick again billboard brow." Ino mocked her friend.

"Don't get to full of yourself Ino-pig." Sakura warned her as she slamed her fist against the mud making it explode.

"Nice going forehead." Ino said as she landed on the other side of the now empty mud pit.

"A relaxing mud bath is good and all but I'm not in the mood for it right now." Sakura told Ino as she prepared to attack again.

"That's too bad, I prepared something special just for you." Ino told Sakura as the patches of Mud that are scattered across the field morphed into Ino.

"Mud clones!" Sakura thought as she realized she was surrounded.

"Thanks for helping with dispersing them." Ino mocked as her mud clones closed in on Sakura.

Sakura dodged an incoming punch and countered by punching the mud clone in the stomach causing it to splatter in mud, another mud clone came from behind but she dealt with it by fliping over it and at the same time grabbing on to its shoulders before throwing it straight into the other mud clones as she completed her flip. Two mud clones came at her from her left and right, she dodged a punch from the one on the left and grabed the leg of the one attacking from her right as it tried  to kick her. She swung the mud clone straight into the other one causing them both to turn back into mud. She then punched another mud clone causing it to turn back into mud, she made a mad dash towards the real Ino and leapt towards her. she threw a punch at Ino which connected but she later turned into mud.

"A clone!?" Sakura said aloud.

"Right behind you Sakura!"

Sakura turned around to see Ino with a kunai in hand as she attempted to stab her, Sakura managed to catch the kunai in betwenn her index finger and middle finger. Ino looked at her shoched before hearing the kunai bend in between Sakura's fingers causing her to gulp. Sakura attempted to punch Ino but she dodged it by leaning her head to the side. Sakura then realed her left leg back as she prepared to kick Ino who couldn't dodge it so she crossed her arms in front of her as Sakura kicked her. Ino was sent flying from the force of Sakura's kick but stoped when her back collided with a large boulder. Sakura ran towards Ino as she was struggling to get up, she gathered chakra into her fist as she closed in on Ino who managed to get to her feet and threw a punch that would surely knock her out. But to her shock Ino raised her right arm and caught her fist, her head was down as she was panting but when she raised her head to look at Sakura, her eyes have become slits. Sakura couldn't believe what she was seeing but before she could think any further, Ino pulled her fist back and threw an uppercut hitting Sakura underneath her chin and sending her airborn. She later jumped up at Sakura and grabbing both her ankles and spinning them both forward and throwing Sakura towards the ground. Sakura lands violently and rolls across the field before stopping, realizing what she just did Ino quickly sprints towards her and kneels next to her to check her condition.

"How is she?"

Ino turns her head to see Tsunade approaching her. " She's okay, she's just knocked out." Ino informed her.

Tsunade bent down to check Sakura and besides some bruises, she was fine. " That was some hit Ino, since when were you capable of doing that?" she asked.

"Just recently, but this time it was more of an impulse response." Ino confessed.

"I see, then you might want to work on that." Tsunade tells her.

"Yes milady." Ino agrees.

"well I guess that's it for today, do you mind taking Sakura home?" Tsunade asked.

"Oh sure, no problem." Ino agreed as she gently picked up Sakura and placed Sakura's left arm around her shouder for support.

She made her way to Sakura's house but it was slow progress, As she was making her way through the busy streets, Ino felt someone following them. She made her way quickly through the crowds in an attempt to loose whoever was following them but she still felt him near. She made a quick turn around a corner and waited for whoever was following them, she saw the shadow of someone approaching the corner but then the shadow retreated. Ino waits for a few more minutes but figured that whoever was following them must of thought he lost us, as Ino turned around she bumped into someone.

"Looking for me?"

Ino's eyes widen at the voice and immediately backed away, her eyes became slits as she prepared to fight but it wasn't necessary.

"what's with that response?, I thought you would  be glad to see me?"

"Naruto-kun!" Ino was surprised to see her mate her but then the surprise turned to annoyance. " What are you doing sneaking up on me like that?!"

Naruto was a little taken aback by her outburst " Sorry Ino-chan, I didn't mean to I saw you earier carrying Sakura-chan and thought you might want some help. But when I was approaching you two, you quickened your pace." Naruto explained.

Ino's eyes softten at hearing that he wanted to help her and she felt guilty for yelling at him," I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I didn't know you wanted to help."

Naruto saw Ino's quilty expression and walked up to her, he gently cuped the left side of her face." Hey don't make that face, only a smile should be on that beutiful face of yours." He complimented.

Ino blushed at Naruto's compliment, "Baka, were you ever this good at sweet talking?"

"I'd like to think I was always a sweet talker." Naruto says grining. " But none of the girls in our class would even look at me."

Ino casts her gaze down feeling ashamed at the way she treated  Naruto during their days at the academy. Naruto notices her far away look and moves her face to have her looking at him again.

"Hey, what did I tell you about making that face?" Naruto told her.


"Why what?" Naruto asked.

"Even after everything I put you through when we were in the academy, why did you choose me?" Ino asked on the brink of tears.

Naruto brought his free hand to cup the other side of Ino's face " Do you really want to know why I choose you?" He asked.

Ino stared at him with eyes that're sparkling with tears and nodded, Naruto gently caresses her left cheek before replying " Because you proved to me that you can change?"

Ino blinked several times in confusion " I don't understand."

Naruto chuckled before answering her. " remember when you wanted to treat me to ramen?" he asked.

"How can I forget, you were so happy you practically draged me all the way there." Ino commented dryly.

" which I'm very thankfull for." Naruto replied smiling.

"Thank god you decided to pay for everything, I don't understand how you can eat so much and still stay so thin." Ino said in amazement.

" Well I train alot so that helps me stay thin." He said honestly.

"That's certainly true, I manged to loose all the baby weight I gained through training." Ino agreed with Naruto remember how surprised she was when she weighed herself in the bathroom after each of her training sessions and discovered that she was loosing the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

"See, and it helps keep me in tip top physical shape and maintane the body you love so much." Naruto said suggestively.

Ino blushed at his remark, she always loved runing her hands over Naruto's strong muscular chest just as much as her fellow vixens and Naruto enjoyed her features as well. " Okay enough with changing the subject, you were telling me how I proved to you that I can change."

"oh yeah, I was really thankfull for you taking me out to ramen so I wanted to pay you back and then I remembered that fancy restaurant I heard you talking to Sakura-chan about." Naruto continued.

"Yeah its really popular with couples and really expenssive, how I dreamed to go there with the guy I like." Ino said dreamily.

"That explains the look on your face when I offered to take you there." Naruto said remembering Ino's look of astonishment when he offered to take her there.

"Of course I'd be surprised, never in my wildest dreams would I expect to go to one of the fanciest, most romantic places to eat in the village with you." Ino said still not believing it.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Naruto asked not liking that Ino never saw herself settling with someone like him.

"Oh don't be like that Naruto-kun, I said yes didn't I?" Ino told him.

"all too well." Naruto agreed, remebering how Ino practically tackled him and gave him the tightest hug he'd ever recieved. " I really like the dress you wore."

Ino smiled at the compliment, remembering Naruto's look when she presented herself in a purple sleeveless dress  that  stoped at her thighs and huged the curves of her body really nicely. " You didn't look to bad yourself." she said remembering Naruto in his white dress shirt with the first two buttons undone and navy blue pants. " I didn't know you had anything like that in your wardrobe."

"I got it during my training with pervy sage, he told me I would need this when I asked out a pretty girl." Naruto explained.

"Wow for once that pervert was on to something." Ino told him.

"I'm just glad the restaurant didn't kick us out because you were with me." Naruto confessed looking sad.

"Hey, if they kick us out because of that then that place wasn't all that special after all." Ino defended Naruto. " But you were actually the perfect gentleman." she complimented, as she remebered how Naruto held the door for her and pulled her chair back, its these little things he did that helped her enjoy her evening and see Naruto in a new light.

" I wanted you to really enjoy yourelf Ino-chan." Naruto told her honestly.

"Oh I did enjoy myself, and the jelous looks on the other girls was priceless." Ino said while laughing.

" You really surprised me though Ino." Naruto said causing Ino to stop laughing and stare at him.

"what do you mean?" She asked.

"During our evening at the restaurant I really got to know the real you, You told me about your passion with flowers and even though everyone knew you loved flowers, I bet they don't have the slightest Idea how dedicated you are to your passion and the hard work you put into it." Naruto complimented making Ino blush again. " You were dedicated to your training and wanted to master your clans Jutsu which You'll be passing that knowledge to our children. I wanted to know more about you so after I dropped you off at your house I asked you out again."

" which I said yes of course, You took me out to pick some wild flowers and on our third date you took me swimming in a secluded lake." Ino listed off the numerous dates that Naruto has taken her on.

" Do you remember our last date?" Naruto asked her smiling as He took Sakura from Ino and placed her on his back.

"How can I forget, you took me on a romantic picnic on top of the Hokage monument." Ino said dreamily.

" And do you remember what happened after?" Naruto asked suggestively.

Ino blushed furiously at the memory, " I could never forget that night, It was the night you seduced me."

"I seduced you?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow.

"How else can you explain the perfect seeting, the full moon, the stars vissible and with a beautiful view of the village. It was obvious you wanted to get me in bed with you and it worked." Ino explained starting to feel hot as she thought of what happened that night.

"and I suppose that the way you clung to me and putting me in contact with your breasts, not to mention how your hand kept caressing my thigh and the perfume you put on wasn't you trying to tell me to make love to you."Naruto countered.

"Are you saying that I was horny for you Naruto Uzumaki?" Ino asked crossing her arms.

" That's exactly what I'm saying Ino Uzumaki." Naruto countered causing Ino to be taken aback.

"B-baka, don't say my full name out in the open." Ino chastised him, ever since he marked her and the other vixens they have all taken his name.

"But I just love hearing it, Ino Uzumaki has a very nice ring to it." He said smiling.

Ino sighed before grabbing the sides of his face and kissing him on the lips." Baka." Ino mumbled in the kiss as she deepened it. As they both were getting into the kiss they suddenly heard mumbling causing them to instantly part and look around for the source. they then looked to at Sakura and she was mumbling something before falling back asleep.

"Oh its just forehead." Ino said relieved.

'Maybe we should get Sakura home first and then we can have some time together." Naruto suggested and Ino nodded in agreement. They made their way towards Sakura's house and along the way Ino told him what happened to Sakura and about her day.

"So You and your family are going to have a day off to yourselves huh?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." Ino replied before glancing around nervously.

"what's the matter Ino-chan?" asked Naruto.

"well, I was thinking Maybe we could do something like that." Ino asked which made Naruto stop walking."Naruto-kun?"

"The whole pack or just the four of us?" Naruto asked as he turned his head to look at Ino.

"Well.....The four of us." Ino said timidly.

Naruto smiled brightly " sure that sounds like a great idea but we have to let the others know and maybe we can organize some family time with them too seperately then all of us together." Naruto suggested.

"Sure, but for now lets focus on us." Ino said as she wraped her arms around Naruto's left arm.

The trio continued their way to Sakura's house and upon arriving were greeted by Sakura's mother Mebuki, after explaining to her what happened she lets them inside and Ino guides them to Sakura's room. Naruto gently places Sakura on her bed while Ino checks out her room, she notices The medicine Sakura made last night all ready for use.

"Wow forehead has been busy." Ino commented as she read the recipe sheet. " Not bad forehead, this can really come in handy." She said as she put one of the medicines in her weapons pouch.

"Are you sure you should be taking that?" Naruto asked worriedly as he stood next to Ino.

"Sakura won't miss one." Ino explained as she saw Naruto's worried look. " If it makes you feel better I'll leave a note." Ino says as she picks up a nearby pen and paper.

Naruto smiles as Ino writes the note and leaves it near the remaining medicine, she suddenly feels a Naruto's arms snake around her waist and bring her closer to his toned chest. he then plants kisses along her neck making Ino moan.

"Naruto-kun, what're you doing?" Ino moaned as Naruto kept kissing along her neck.

"I'm kissing you." he simply responds as he kisses a spot between her neck and shoulder causing her to shudder in pleasure."

" Stop." Ino said as her legs started trembling.

"but you always like it when I kiss you were I marked you." Naruto whispers sensually in her ear.

Ino's fox ears emerge on top of her head as her body starts to get hot, Naruto then starts nibbling on her ears driving her over the edge. Ino turns around grabs his arm and drags him out of Sakura's room right past a baffled Mebuki and out of the house. she jumps into the air while still holding on to Naruto and they both disappeare, they reappeare in a secluded woded area and Ino lets go of Naruto's arm.

"Ino-chan what the-" Naruto didn't finish as he looks into Ino's slitted eyes that are filled with primal lust before she tackles him on to the ground and soon articles of clothing are flying everywhere.

The sun begins to set and the leaf village is illuminated by lights, back in the Haruno residents Sakura's eyes flutter open as she begins to awaken but then she bolts up as she feels an intense pain in her face.

"Ow, what hit me?" Sakura asks no one in particular, she then remembers the spar earlier and groans. "I can't believe Ino beat me, where did she get that kind of strength?" Sakura asked herself as she begins to heal her face and then her mind whent back to the last thing she remembered. " Ino's eyes changed."

Sakura then realizes that she's in her room " How did I get back in my room?" she spots a piece a paper lying on her desk and gets off her bed to pick up the note. "Dear Forehead, Naruto and I brought you home so be gratefull. I Totally beat you today and with a Knockout too Lol. Love Ino. P.S. I took one of your new medicines, never know when I might need it." She read to herself. " Damn Ino-pig."

Sakura exits her room and heads towards the front door, but she doesn't go unnoticed.

"Sakura were are you going?" Her mother asks.

"I'm going out for a bit, I'll be back soon." She said before she walks out the door.

Sakura was heading towards Ichiraku, the only place she would find Naruto besides his apartment, but when she got there Naruto was nowhere to be found.

"Hey Sakura."the shop owner Teuchi greeted her. " If your looking for Naruto he's not here yet." He tells her, already knowing why she's here.

"Oh, okay thanks." She replied as she went somewhere else. " Maybe he's at his apartment." She concluded as she made her way to his apartment but along the way she spotted two people walking close to each other.

"Man you were wild Ino-chan."

"Hey you started it." Ino said as she had her arms wraped around Naruto's right arm, a satisfying smile on her face.

"And I finished it." Naruto said, head held high in victory but winces when ever he takes a step.

"You certaintly did." Ino tells him lustfully as her eyes flash into slitts before going back to normal.

"Hey Ino do you wanna go get some Ramen?" Naruto asked.

"Alright but afterwards I want you to-"

"Ino?, Naruto?"

Naruto and Ino hear their names being called and frooze, they slowly turned around to see a shocked Sakura.

"w-what're you two doing?" Sakura asks as she looks at how close they are.

as Sakura waited for an explanation, one word came to Naruto and Ino's minds.


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Life goes on as usual in the village hidden in the leaves for Sakura Haruno as she goes about her day, but she notices that her teammate Naruto is acting a bit strange. If that weren't odd enough her best friend Ino has been acting strange too, one day she decided to question them individually about their behavior when she spotted Ino sneaking off somewhere and she decided to follow her. What she discovered left her shocked, in front of her was Naruto and Ino making out in an alley hidden from view. But then they ran off, Sakura followed them as they headed ouside the village walls, they headed deeper into the forest until they stopped in a secluded area. what happened next left Sakura horrified, Naruto and Ino transformed into humanoid foxes and as they walked forward into what looked like a clearing they dissappeared. Sakura immediately ran back to the village to inform the Hokage and soon returned with Tsunade, Kakashi, Yamato, Shikamaru, and Choji who are a little sceptical about what Sakura just told them back at the Hokage's office, but when they arrived at the spot where Sakura saw Ino and Naruto dissappear they reappeared however they weren't alone.

                                                                   Rise Of The Fox Clan.

     Sakura Haruno is restocking on herbs she usses for her special medicine that heals wounds at a quicker rate than normal when she spotted her teammate Uzumaki Naruto.

"Hey Naruto!" Sakura called out.

Naruto looks in the direction where he heard his name being called and sees Sakura "Oh hey Sakura-chan!" Naruto calls back.

Sakura walks towards Naruto until she's standing in front of him " What brings you out here?" she asked him as she looked at his shopping bag.

Naruto notices her gaze and attempts to hide the bag behind him. "I-It's nothing." Naruto says blushing.

Now even more curious Sakura attempts to take a peek inside but Naruto backs away " Y-You can't look at it Sakura-chan!" Naruto pleaded with her.

"And why not?" Sakura demanded, Naruto always gave in when she gave him a glare but much to her shock he still refused to show her what was in the bag.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan, I can't show you what it is now but maybe later." Naruto tells her and he turns on his heels and runs away leaving Sakura confused at his actions.

"That was weird, but then again this is Naruto we're talking about." Sakura says to herself with a shrug.

She resumes gathering the rest of the herbs she needs and heads home, along the way she say the Yamanaka flower shop and since it's been a while since she's talked to Ino she decided to pay her a visit. she opened the door causing the bells hanging on the door to ring and startling Ino. Sakura blinked, was she imagining things or did Ino's eyes briefly changed into slits before quickly returning to normal.

"Oh it's just you forehead, what brings you here?"Ino asked her in a bored tone.

" I just came to check out what your store had today, It's not like a came to see a piggy like you." Sakura responded, she could tell that Ino was annoyed at being called piggy.

"Is there anything in particular you're looking for billboard brow?" Ino asked her mockingly.

"It's okay I can manage on my own, I know how busy you are at the moment." Sakura tells her with a sly grin.

Ino rises from her seat and walks around the counter to stand in front of Sakura " You think you're pretty funny don't you?" Ino says getting in Sakura's face.

"Well I do have a sense of Humor do you?" Sakura response staring Ino in the eye.

They both glare at each other before bursting into laugter, they would always insult each other like this, getting under the others skin before laughing it off as harmeless fun.

"Ah I miss doing this." Sakura confesses.

"Yeah, we don't see each other enough." Ino informs her.

"yeah why is that though?, lately you seem in a real hurry to go somewhere right after your shift." Sakura says eyeing her friend suspiciously.

Ino shifts nervously under Sakura's gaze " T-that's because I'm busy."

Sakura's raises her right eyebrow " Busy with what exactly?"she questions.

"You know with missions and I do have a social life you know." Ino responded defensively.

Sakura wasn't buying it, she could tell Ino was Hidding something " Alright I get it, no need to be defensive Ino." Sakura tries to calm her friend down.

"Yeah, yeah but seriously what brings you by?" Ino asked Sakura , trying to change to conversation.

"Like I said I wanted to see if you wanted to hang out after your shift is done?" Sakura answers her honestly.

"Oh, um I actually already have plans, sorry Sakura." Ino says apologetically.

"No that's okay, it is kind of short notice after all." Sakura replied sadly.

Ino looked at her best friend's dissapointed expression, she wanted to hang out with Sakura but she had something very important to do and it can't be rescheduled. "Maybe next time we can hang out I'm sure I can get Naruto to cover for me and it's not like he'll be alone-"

"Wait Naruto? what's he going to cover for you?" Sakura asked her.

Suddenly realizing her mistake Ino tries frantically to not let Sakura get the wrong idea." I-It's a side job I'm trying out in between missions and the flower shop."

" And what's that got to do with Naruto?" Sakura questioned.

" well.. you see Naruto is also working there to." Ino tells her nervously.

"Really?" Sakura asks unconvinced.

"Y-Yeah, I was a little nervous being the only one there so I kinda dragged him into joining with me." Ino says confidently.

Sakura eyes her suspiciously "That does sound like something you would do and I can see Naruto going along with it." Sakura nods her head in agreement causing Ino to sigh in relief.

"Maybe what was in that bag has something to do with your job."Sakura tells her.

That caugt Ino's attention "Bag,? what bag?"

"I was restocking on herbs when I ran into Naruto, he had a bag with him and I was curious about it so when I asked him about it he started acting very secretive about it." Sakura explained to her.

"Well you know Naruto, he's full of surprises so whatever he's got in the bag must be something big." Ino commented.

"Yeah, and somehow I don't think that's a good thing." Sakura says nervously.

They giggle at the thought of what monumental surprise Naruto has in store, Sakura glances at a clock hanging above the counter and realizes that it's getting late. "I guess I'd better be going now, goodluck with your other job Ino." She waves goodbye to Ino as she exits the shop and begins heading home.

As soon as Sakura was out of site Ino let out a tired sigh. " That was close, I almost gave away our secret." she looks towards the direction Sakura went with a sad expression. " Sorry Sakura, I wish I could tell you but....." Ino trails off as she wraps her arms around herself the sun hitting and casting a shadow behind her, but the shadow's silhouette doesn't  match her.

Later on that evening Sakura is laying on top of her bed , having finished preparing the herbs she bought into new medicine she decided to relax while waiting for dinner however her thoughts were on her two friends. ordinarily she wouldn't pay it much mind but their behaviour has stranger than usual.

"Just what was up with those two today, they were acting stranger than usual even for them!" Sakura thought out loud. she quickly sat up on her bed and ruffles her hair in frustration " And what's inside that bag?!, It's driving me crazy!"she falls back down on her bed and lets out a frustrated sigh. she stares up at her ceiling " Maybe I'm just making a big deal out of Nothing, I haven't hung out with Ino for a while and Naruto and I seem to be busy with our training to really hang out, come to think of it I don't remember Ino's breasts being that big before." She thinks back to about 7 months ago when she and Ino were training, Ino had a great body C cup breasts, slender waist, nice shapely legs and fair skin. Sakura was always jealous of Ino's body and add the fact that she's stylish doesn't help either. but now Ino's body seems to have gone through a growth spurt her breasts are now as big as lady Tsunade's if not bigger as they strained against the apron she was wearing,her hips are wider making her waist appear slimer and Ino's actually taller than her now making her look like a drop dead bombshell.

" How did her body get like that, and in 7 months no less!" Sakura groans.

"Sakura, dinners ready !" Sakura's mother Mebuki yells from the dinning room.

"Alright, I'll be right there!" Sakura yells back, she jumps off her bed and heads downstairs tomorrow she'll ask Ino more about her other job.

The village streets are mostly empty, the few people that are out are making their way home or to local bars. But something else is making its way through the village, it slealthfully maneuvers through street corners, jumping on the tree tops and across the rooftops towards the village wall. As it gets closer to the wall it spots a lookout at the top of the wall, thinking that it may have to wait for an opening it's surprised when the guard suddenly stiffens  and begins walking away making an opening for it to pass. Not letting the opportunity go to waste it makes a mad dash towards the wall gathering chakra to it's feet it climbs up the wall and over  on to the other side running into the deep forest. It stops at a clearing where it sees a large blonde vixen sitting at the center in a patch of wildflowers, the moon made her fur shine and her eyes glow, but unlike other vixens this one was special. she heard noise from her left and turned to look at another blonde fox emerging from the shadows and into the light however it suddenly stood upright revealing his muscular body, his toned ches six pack abs strong muscular arms and legs would make any women drool at the site of them. A smile spread across the vixen's lips as she too stood up and revealing her voluptuous body, her large breasts that are far bigger than the Fifth Hokage Tsunade, nice firm legs, slim waistline, wide hips that every women dreams they had and men obsess and drool over.

They walk towards each other in a calm pace taking in every inch of each others bodies before stopping mere inches from each other. they're both taller than any regular man and women the male stands at least 8 feet 5 inches, and the female stands 7 feet 4 inches. They stare into each others slitted eyes the male having blue slits while the female has light blue slits.The male fox wraps his arms around the vixen's waist and brings her into his toned chest, the vixen smiles seductively as she brings her arms up and wraps them around his strong muscular neck. Tha male looks down at her large breasts that are pressed against his chest and smiles before leaning his head down and capturing the vixen's lips in a passionate kiss. Their tongues battle for dominance as their kissing intensifies, they soon part leaving a trail of saliva between them, they rest their foreheads against the other and take a deep breath inhaling each others scent.

" I missed you." The female fox spoke.

"I missed you too, I wanted to hold you in my arms so badly." The male told her.

" Me too I wanted to feel your comforting presence but most of all I wanted to feel their presence too, I was anxious all day because I couldn't feel them near me." The vixen shifts nervously.

"Then lets go, I wanted to see them together with you." The male fox told her as they made their way deeper into the forest. They stop in front of the side of a tall hill that they couldn't see the top due to the thick tree branches, they walked to wards the wall on all fours but instead of walking up the hill they walked through the rock wall into a hidden cave. They ventured deep into the pitch black cave but with their special eyes they are able to see inside as clear as day. They came across two tunnels and with out stopping they chose the left tunnel which lead them into a den where two other foxes one sandy blonde the other dark blue are resting on their sides, in between them there was seven kits that are about 2 weeks old. The three that are near the blonde vixen consists of a female kit with red fur and two male siblings one with the same fur color as his mother and the other similar to the blonde male fox that just arrived are suckling on their mother's massive breasts. The two kits that are next to the dark blue vixen are both males with the same fur color as their mother and are also suckling on her enormous breasts that are the biggest out of the three. The last two are a male and female with the same blonde fur color as the vixen that just arrived and having sensed their parents they began to slowly crawl towards them. The vixen's eyes watered at the site of them and quckly moved to pick them up, sensing the movement the two sleeping vixens eyes shot open and look to the direction of the movement, but they quickly relax at seeing who it was.

"welcome back You two." The sandy blonde vixen greeted them.

"These two missed you." The Dark blue vixen told them, gesturing to the two kits snuggling into their mother's bossom.

" Well Mommy missed her precious babies too." The blonde vixen said happily as she nuzzled her young.

  The other vixens shifted a bit to make room for them, The vixen layed down forming a close circle with their kits in the middle still suckling on their mothers breasts, The blonde vixen made herself comfortably as her kits latched on to one of her nipples and started suckling. She sighs contently and lays her head down, she sees her mate nuzzling the other vixens and his kits then he came to her and did the same.

"Goodnight Ino-chan." The bonde fox said warmly.

"Goodnight Naruto-kun" Ino replied lovingly as they kissed brielfy before he laid next to her and they all asleep.

Two of the foxes are revealed to be Naruto Uzumaki and Ino Yamanaka, for unknown reasons they have become foxes and have even reproduced. The other two foxes are a mystery, but judging by the fact that their kits are as old as Ino's signifies that they all met at roughly the same time. for now they sleep contently in each others company, waiting for the next day to arrive.

The following morning the den was illuminated by the sunlight coming through small holes in the ceiling causing the occupants to stir. Ino is the first to awaken, she opens her eyes only to see a pair of eyes that are similar to hers staring back at her.

"Well good morning sweetie." Ino greets her son happily, he smiles brightly at hearing her voice and rubs her face with his." Well you certaintly are affectionate today aren't you?".

"I think he really missed you Ino-chan."Naruto replies next to her as he watches his son nuzzling Ino, he spots his daughter helping herself to her morning meal while her brother greets their mother.

"I think he might be a Mamma's boy." The sandy blonde vixen commented.

"I would look at your own son before you start judging mine." Ino replied.

The sandy blonde vixen looks to her kits , her daughter is suckling on her left breast and one of her sons is suckling on her right, she feels something climbing on her back and turns to see her son staring at her with the same teal slitted eyes as hers. The sandy blonde vixen couldn't help but smile, Soon he started slipping off her back but before he could fall off, his mother grabs him by the extra skin on his neck with her mouth. He starts smiling and laughing as his mother puts him down in front of her and licks his cheek before nuzzling him.

"He just wants to be affectionate with me, is that wrong?" She asks Ino as she begins tickling her son, making him erupt in a fit of giggles.

"He's Definetly going to be a Mamma's boy." Ino tells her as she focuses her attention on her son again who's on his back and waving his arms and legs happily at her. Ino nuzzles his plantinum blonde fur covered belly and inhales his scent.Her eyes fill with tears as it pains her to leave her kits with a shadow clone of herself while she tends to her duties in the leaf village and not arouse suspicion on her secret life. Even her ability to sense whenever her kits want her isn't helping much, in fact it only makes her more anxious that her kits need her and she can't do anything for them.  However due to becoming a fox her abilities have been greatly enhanced, she's able to communicate with her kits telepathically and comfort them from an even greater distance that would normally reguire assistance from special equipment.

    They all also have a telepathic link to each other so they can Communicate and are able to see what the other sees.One other ability they all have now is the ability to teleport, like the 4th Hokage they mark an area like their den for example and they're able to appear to the marked location in an instant. Naruto looks at his family with pure happiness, all his life he's been alone and now thanks to his vixens he has the family and love he's longed for.

"Is everything alright Naruto-kun?"

Naruto Turns in the direction of the voice and sees the dark blue vixen sitting up with her legs underneath her in a proper sitting position, she's holding her twins as the're suckling on her enormous breasts. " yeah, I'm just a really happy and gratefull to all of you."

"Grateful?" The dark blue vixen asked confused now gaining everyone else's attention.

Naruto scratched the back of his head nervously at having everyone's attention on him " I'm grateful to you all for giving me what I alwaysed dreamed of." he told them with teary eyes.

The vixens looked at him with loving eyes, they knew what Naruto's life was like and two them of were ashamed that they didn't do anything to help him. Ino and the sandy blonde vixen picked up their kits and they along with the dark blue vixen moved closer to Naruto. They snuggled close to him and he wrapped his arms around them. "Hey cheer up Naruto-kun, You have three incredibly hot vixens all to yourself so if you're really grateful then show us, don't just tells us." Ino tells him sedctively as she licks her lips.

They all feel their kits moving and they look down to see them reaching for their father with concern in their eyes.

"See? you even have your children worried baka." Ino scolds him.

Naruto extends his hand out and each kit grabs his fingers. " You don't want to see your old man sad huh?" he asked them with a smile and they respond with a smile of their own, but then Naruto's ears suddenly perk up.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" The dark blue vixen worriedly.

"I'm getting a message from my clone that Sakura-chan is at my apartment." Naruto told them.

"Forehead? what does she want?" Ino asked.

"Are you going to use this opportunity to finaly mark her?" The sandy blonde vixen asked teasingly.

"I'm not sure, but I'd better go in person to make sure she doesn't suspect anything." Naruto told them as he started getting up, but his kits started fussing over their father leaving." Hey now don't worry I'll be back but in the meantime Daddy got you something." he assured them as he reached for a bag that was on top of a rock, he reaches inside and pulls out seven stuffed animals of foxes of various colors. The kits looked at them with eyes filled with wonder and joy and stretched their arms out eagerly. Naruto smiles as he hands them the stuffed toys, they immediately tried to wrap their arms around them but the stuffed toys were too big for them but they snuggled into them happily.

The vixens where overjoyed at Naruto's gift to their children as they set them down where they can play properly with their gifts. "So that's what you had in that bag Sakura mentioned." Ino said smirking.

"Yeah I wanted it to be a surprise." Naruto laughed lightly as he kissed each of his kits then gave each of his vixens a brief kiss. "I'll be back as soon as I can." he then made his way out.

"Be careful." the vixens said to him in unison.

Naruto looks and and smiles at his family before he leaves.

        DISCLAIMOR: I don't own Naruto, he and its characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto.

                                                     Together Forever

It was another beautiful day in the hidden leaf village, the vilagers were going about their day, children were out playing with their friends. Yes, it was a great day to be outside, but that wasn't the case for the fifth Hokage as she went over piles of paperwork. She let out a frustrated breath as she cast a glance out the window, how she wishes to be out there enjoying the day instead of being traped inside. But her duties as Hokage come first so she had to grit her teeth and get all this paper work done, maybe if she finished she could sneak out and spent time with-

A knock on the door snaped Tsunade out of her thoughts as the door slowly opened to reveal Shizune but she wasn't alone, hidding behind her or at least trying were two small figures that barely reached Shizune's knees. As Shizune walked closer to Tsunade's desk the two small figures followed close behind still trying to hide behind Shizune, Tsunade smiled as she looked towards her assistant who had on a matching smile.

"So how is your work coming along Lady Tsunade?" Shizune asked smiing.

"Same as always, the paper work doesn't seem to end." Tsunade told her assistant with a hint of annoyance.

The two small figures behind Shizune giggled at her reply, which caused Shizune to giggle as well. Tsunade smiled at hearing the innocent giggling, they always seemed to brighten up her day whenever she had a busy day at the office.

"Well at least it isn't as bad as it was after the incident." Shizune said.

"Yeah," Tsunade agreed.

"Incident?" one of the small figures whispered from behind Shizune.

"S-so what about you Shizune, Is everything okay?" Tsunade quickly tried to change the subject, she didn't want the two small figures hidding behind Shizune to suddenly come out and ask what the "incident" is about.

"Yes, I'm doing fine. work at the hospital is a little busy so at least it gives me something to do, but I still wish Sakura was around though; some of the patients and nurses have been asking for her." Shizune tells her as her voice gets softer when mentioning Sakura.

Tsunade understands how Shizune is feeling, it had been three years since Naruto and his family left the village and it just hasn't been the same without them. But before she could dwell on it further she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders.

"Hey don't worry about it Hime, I'm sure they're doing fine."

Tsunade turned to her left and saw her mate Jiraiya's grining face. " I know that but a Mother will always worry about her Family."

"And you think a father doesn't worry, Naruto and the girls are still young and letting them go out into the unforgiving world with their new family was hard for me too. worrying whether their safe or eating well keeps me up at night." Jiraiya tells her.

Tsunade looks at Jiraiya lovingly as she lets his words sink in " Your right, there are others that miss them just as much as I do. I'm just being selfish."

Jiraiya smiles before nuzzling the left side of her face " Hey don't say that, with everything you've been put through its alright to be a little selfish."

Tsunade smiles as she rubs her mate's face back, " Thanks."

"Anytime." Jiraiya whispered before he met Tsunade's lips in pasionate kiss.

"Ew!" The two small figures behind Shizune said in disgust.

Tsunade and Jiraiya part with blushes on their faces, but their smiles still remained.

"And Just how long are you two going to remain hidden?" Tsunade addreses the small figures behind Shizune's back who upon being discovered jumped out into the open to reveal a boy and a girl who appeare to be around three years old.

"You knew we were here." the little girl asked

"Of course, you didn't really think you could sneak up on your mother did you?" Tsunade asked as she stared at her children. her daughter Asami had Jiraiya's white spiky hair that stoped at her shoulders and her son Nawaki had white hair but it was straight like his mother. both twins had two diffirent eye colors, Asami's right eye color is brown like her mother but her left was grey like her father's, while her brother had the opposite, grey on his right and brown on his left .

"What are you two doing sneaking around anyway?" Jiraiya asked as he walked around Tsunade's desk and ruffled the twins hair.

" we're training to become ninja." Asami answered through her giggling as her father ruffled her hair.

"How is sneaking around training to become a ninja?" Tsunade asked as she rose from her chair and walked around her desk, she picked up her twins and as she sat on her desk placed them on her thighs.

"We're practicing our stealth." Nawaki said as he hugged his mother.

"Yeah, if we can sneak up on you and Daddy then that means we're one step closer to being awesome ninjas!" Asami cheered, she had her fathers spirit and tendancy for getting into trouble unlike her goodie two shoes brother. but unknown to everyone else but her family, it's just an act to help them escape being blamed for the pranks they pull.

"Is that so? then you'd better work on being more quiet, your giggling kind of gave you away." Tsunade tells them as she nuzzles their faces.

The twins giggle as they rub her face too, not wanting to be left out Jiraiya wraps his arms around all three of them and causing the twins to squeal in delight. Shizune watches the scene and wipes a stray tear, for the longest time her master has suffered from heartbreak but seeing her now with her family brought tears to her eyes. When her Master came to visit her in the hospital three years ago looking like she's seen a ghost Shizune became worried, especially when Tsunade told her to perform a diagnostic on her. She gathered Chakra on her hands and started checking her master very thoroughly and when she got to her stomach her eyes widened at what she discovered. She looked to Tsunade and the smile she wore confirmed it, she was pregnant, They both hugged each other as Shizune congradulated her.

She was brought out of her Memory when she heard Nawaki ask his mother a question that was difficult for any of them to answer.

"Mommy, when will Big Brother come back?"

At those words the room suddenly became silent, Tsunade looked at her youngest son as he looked at her expectingly.

"Yeah, I want to really meet him and my big sisters." Asami also asked.

With both of her children waiting for an answer Tsunade sighs before answering " Listen, Remember how I told you how your big brother and big sisters are living their lives?"

They both nod and Asami said " Yeah, you said that they went to live happily-ever-after."

"Yes, and what does that mean?" Tsunade asked them.

"That they all live happily together forever!" Asami shouted Happily, but then it dawned on. " Just all of them together." She finished, her voice getting quieter as she said the last part.

It broke Tsunade's heart to see her daughter loose her smile, ever since she told them about their older brother they've been demanding to know more about him. She told him about his accomplishments, his hardships and how he had to work harder than anyone to get where he is today. And then she mentioned his mates, how each one of them are great in their own right and that their beauty was just as unique as they were. She told them of how their brother practicaly stole their hearts and how much they complimented each other, that their love for each other was true and their bond strong. Asami hung on every word her mother said, it was like straight out of a fairy tale where the brave noble prince fought against the forces of evil and saved the princess.

"But can't we contact them?" Nawaki suddenly asked. " We're a pack and we're always connected to each other, so that if any one of us ever felt alone we would all feel it and be there to take the loneliness away."

Tsunade smiled at her son, he had this unwavering belief in his family and was very proud to be a part of it. " Yes I did Say that and you know what?" she asked and they leaned in closer " If they're not here and we're not where they are, that means that not a single one of us is feeling lonely because we're surrounded by the people we love everyday and their love keeps the loneliness away." She finished saying which brought a smile back to their faces.

"Now why don't you go with aunt Shizune and get some ice cream!" She said to which Asami and Nawaki cheered as they headed out the door with Shizune close behind.

"That was a nice save." Jiraiya complimented.

"Yeah." Tsunade quietly said. " I don't know for how long I can keep dodging that question."

"Lets make a bet then." He suddenly asked gaining her attention.

"A bet?" She asked confused.

"Yeah, I bet that Naruto and his family are going to stay hidden for another year." He told her which made her eyes widden.

"Wait, your making a bet like that?!" Tsunade said shocked.

" And you bet that they'll come back today." Jiraiya finished causing Tsunade to stand up.

"Why am I Making that kind of bet!?" She said angrily. " You know with my kind of luck that-"

She was cut off when Jiraiya placed a finger on her lips. " I think your luck has changed." He said giving her a wink.

Tsunade blinked several times before removing his finger from her lips " Why do you say that?"

"Because you have to be really lucky to have the amazing family we have." Jiraiya told her smiling.

Tsunade looked into his eyes and smiled, she had to admit that he was right for once. " Okay, I accept your bet, what do you get if you win?"

"If I win, I want to.." Jiraiya whispers the rest in Tsunade's ear causing her face to turn red.

" Are you serious?! there's no way I'd let you do that!" Tsunade shouts, her face red with anger and embarassment.

"What better way to test out your luck even further." He said grining.

" And what do I get?" She asked.

"Hmmm what do you want?" He asked.

Tsunade thought for a moment before grining eavily, which caused Jiraiya to get nervous. " If I win You-" She whispered in his ear which made him sigh.

"Okay." He groaned, now he really wants to win that bet, but then suddenly a puff of smoke appeared next to them and the smoke cleared to reveal a toad and a smaller version of Katsuyu.

Meanwhile Shizune is walking through the village with Asami and Nawaki running in front of her, She couldn't help but smile as they neared the ice cream store. The children ordered their ice cream and as Shizune was paying for it, she heard a commotion and when she turned to see what it was; two yellowish blurs zoomed past her and leaving chaos in their wake. dogs were barking, carts where overturn spilling its contents on the street.

"What on earth happened?" Shizune said aloud.

"We're under attack by enemy ninja." Asami suddenly said, as she and her brother took a defensive stance in front of Shizune.

"And they went that way!" Nawaki said pointing to a path of destruction that seems to head towards the hokage tower.

"Mommy and Daddy are in danger, we gotta save them!" Asami declared as she and Nawaki ran after the suppose "enemy Ninja".

"Asami. Nawaki, wait!" Shizune called out to them but they were already way ahead of her." I have to get to them before they do anything rash."

As Shizune chased after them, the two in question were laughing as they continue to run wild but suddenly stop when their enhance sense of smell picked up something.

"Do you smell that?" One of the assailants, a little girl who looked about three years old asked her companion.

"Yeah." Her companion who is a little boy about the same age she is comfirmed.

"It smells like." The girl started.

"Ramen!" They both finished, as they ran towards the source of the smell and leaving a trail of dust behind them.

The smell of Ramen kept getting stronger and stronger the closer they got to the source but then something else caught their eye. Laying on the grass with his eyes closed is none other than Shikamaru Nara, the duo observed him for a bit before they both had a devious expression.

Shikamaru was enjoying his nap and bathing in the sun, he's completely unaware of what's going to befall him. These last three years have been rather quiet since Naruto, Ino, Sakura, Hinata and Temari left with their pups, even though he did enjoy the peace and quiet without his loudmouth friends he did miss them and god help him even Naruto's pranks. Despite finding his pranks annoying he did find them funny, he often wonders if they're doing okay and if they're happy. He then hears giggling but dismisses it as his mind reminding him about the days when he was in the academy. He then feels a shadow over him but thinks that its just a passing cloud, but then he feels something land on his face before bursting and covering him with water. He immediately sits up and starts coughing, he looks around for what caused this and sees several scattered wet leaves around him.

"The hell?" He says confused, then he hears soft giggling coming from behind a bush.

The duo in question are trying to surpress their laughter at their successful prank, when they saw Shikamaru just laying there he was practically begging to be pranked. So using their special ability they created an open sphere of leaves and filled it with water, then they closed the sphere and summoned a vine to deliver it over Shikamaru's head before finaly dropping it on him. with the sphere broken back into seperate leaves Shikamaru won't be able to know what happened. Thinking that they got away with it, they began to resume their journey to the source of the ramen smell when they suddenly froze.

"H-hey, what's going on?!" The girl said.

"I can't move!" The boy said trying to move but to no avail.

Their body's were forced to turn around where they saw Shikamaru walking towards them, Shikamaru sighed in Irratation as he observed the two kids struggling to break free from his shadow possesion Jutsu. as he took in the kids appearance he felt as if he's seen them somewhere before, when he stands in front of them the kids look at him with a mixture of nervousness and a little fear. Shikamaru looks at the girls eyes and can't shake the feeling that he's looked into those eyes before, he looks at the boy next to her at an image of his former teammate pops in his head.

"He kinda reminds me of Ino." Shikamaru thought, but then the duos eyes start glowing and vines emerge from the grounds and entangle him.

"What the?!"

Shikamaru's caught of guard by the vines and is lifted into the air effectively breaking his shadow possesion on the kids. the duo jump in victory before looking at their captive.

"What should we do with him?" The girl asked her companion.

"Hmm, I got an Idea." The boy said pointing to a nearby open air bath house.

They both grinned eavily as their eyes glowed causing the vines to lift Shikamaru higher and into the direction of the bath house.

"H-hey, what're you doing? put me down!" He yelled but they didn't listen as he was now over one of the baths, specifically the womans side. He looks at them with a look of horror and they wave at him " Don't you da-" He didn't finish as the vines droped him into the womens bath.

The duo laughed and ran away as the screams of women and Shikamaru can be heard across the village. As they got closer to the source of the ramen smell, they detected another smell as they sniffed the air and saw a chubby guy eating a bag of barbecue chips. They licked their lips hungrily as they headed towards him, Choji was eating his chips happily when he felt something tugging at his pants leg. He looks down to see the two children looking up at him with innocent smiles.

"Hey mister." The girls said.

"Yeah?" Choji asked eyeing them suspiciously.

"can we have some of your chips please?" The boy politely asked.

"No,no,no,no,no, no way this is mine!' Choji said shaking his head frantically and holding his chips close.

"Oh come on please, just a little bit." They said in unison with puppy dog eyes.

"No means no!" Choji said firmly, not being affected by their look.

The duo frown that they're not getting what they want. " well we did ask nicely." The boy said." Who should do it this time?" The girl asked.

"I'll do it, then its your turn." The boy suggested and the girl agreed.

Choji didn't understand what they were talking about but then the boy made a familiar hand sign " Hey thats-"

"Mind Transfer Jutsu!" The boy said as his body began to fall back only to be caught by his companion, a strange glowing symbol appeared on his forehead.

Choji suddenly felt his consciousness being pushed to the back of his mind as the young boy took over, The boy blinked several times before smiling " Here you go little girl." He said in a deep voice as he handed over the bag to the girl.

"Gee thanks a lot mister." The girl said smiling as she recieved the bag from her accomplis.

"Be sure to share with your brother, okay?" The boy said.

"Will do!" She said with a wink.

"Release!" The boy said as his mind went back into his body. His eyelids fluttered open as he stood on his feet, the glowing mark on his forehead dissapeared.

" Okay My turn." His sister said as she handed him the bag of chips and got into the handsign for her family's justsu " Mind transfer Jutsu!" she announced as her mind left her body and the same glowing mark appeared on her forehead.

"So what're you going to do with him?" Her brother asked holding his sister's body.

"I got just the thing." She said as she jumpt on to a nearby roof and then on to the next.

Her brother waited patently with his sister's body as he ate some chips,  suddenly her glowing mark dissapeared as her mind was back in her body.

"So what did you do?" Her brother asked with a mouthful of chips as he watched his sister strech.

"Wait for it." She said before a scream was heard.

"You didn't."

"Yep, I sure did." She said laughing that she made Choji's body dive into the womens bath before she released her jutsu.

"that's hilarious!" Her brother said as they both laughed, they then went on their search for ramen as they eat the bag of chips.

When they finished the bag of chips they have arrived at the source of the ramen smell.

"Hey, isn't this the place Dad told us about?" The boy asked as he stared at the sign in front of the entrance.

"Yeah it is!" His sister said excitedly as she grabed her brothers hand and went inside.

"Hello, welcome to Ichiraki how may I-" the restaurant owner Teuchi stoped mid sentence as he didn't see anyone.

"Down here!"

Teuchi looked down and saw two little kids looking up at him whith big smiles on their faces. " Why hello there little ones." Teuchi greeted them with a friendly smile.

" We'd like some ramen please!" The little girl said as she attemted to clim the high stool with the help of her brother.

"Um where are your parents?' Teuchi asked, as the little girl helped her brother up on the stool and they both sat side by side on the same stool.

"Our parents?" They both asked confused.

"Yes, where are they?" He asked again, as he watched them look at the entrance.

"They should be right behind us." They both said as they scratched their head in unison.

"What's the matter Dad?" Teuchi's daughter Ayame asked coming out of the kitchen.

"We have some unacompanied minors." Teuchi motioned to The siblings.

"Hey there." Ayame greeted the children kindly.

"Hello." They greeted her politely.

"What are your names?" She asked.


" Akamaru says their scent leads here." A voice which sounded like Kiba can be heard outside.

"Wait till I get my hands on those chip thieves." Choji's voice can be heard also and he doesn't sound happy.

The Children looked at each other, they recognized the voice and realized that they've been found, " Sorry but we have to be going now." The boy said apologetic.

"We'll come back next time with our parents." The girl added in before they got off the stool.

Both Teuchi and Ayame watched the kids exit their small restaurant with confused looks. " What wierd kids." Teuchi said.

"They're cute, they remind me of Naruto-kun when he was their age." Ayame said smiling.

Meanwhile the kids sneaked around the small Restaurant but they bumped into something, they looked and saw it was a very large dog that was staring down at them while waging its tail.

"Doggy!" The little girl squealed as she gave the dog a hug but because of its size only managed to hug his leg.

"He's so big!" The boy said in amazement as he stared up at the dogs face as it started licking his face.

He started laughing as the dog continued to lick his face, when he stoped he lowered his head and the children pettet him happily.

"Do you think we can keep him?" The girl asked her brother as she gently pettet the dog.

"I don't think so, he has someone else's scent on him so I think he has an owner." The boy concluded.

"aw that's to bad." The girl said dissapointed.

"Hey Akamaru!"

The children turned around to see a man with spiky brown hair and tattoos on his cheeks approaching them, Akamaru barked and wagged his tail happily at seeing kiba.

"What're you doing bothering these guys, I thought I told you to looks for the ones responsible for knocking Choji and Shikamaru in the womans bath." Kiba snickered as he remembered his two friends being chased by angry women.

Akamaru barked a couple of times before nudging the two kids.

"Wait, your saying its these two?" KIba asked to which Akamaru nodded.

Suddenly Choji and Shikamaru came over to them and Choji pointed at the two kids " It's them, they're the chip thieves!"

THe two kids glanced at each other before making a run for it.

"Oh no you don't!" Choji said as his hands increased in size and reached out to grab the kids."

"Hey!" The girl shouted.

"Let us go!" The boy told them as he struggled to get free.

"Not on your life!" Choji told him as his eyes were on fire.

The childrens eyes began glowing and vines started coming out of the ground.

"Heads up choji!" Shikamaru warned his friend before he extended his shadow towards him.

'Your shadow won't work on the plants Dummy!" The boy said.

"And even if they did, it can only grab on to one!" said the girl.

"So they know about my Shadow possesion Jutsu, but they don't everything. Shadow Sewing Technique!" He declared as his shadow emerges from the ground and splits into several needle shaped threads that latch on to the vines stoping them from moving.

"Oh no!" The children said in unison.

"Hmph we've got you now."Shikamaru said as he started walking towars them.

"Now your gonna pay for what you did to us." Choji said snickering.

The children struggled against his grip but they coouldn't free themselves, they couldn't even use their Mind transfer Jutsu. As Shikamaru and Kiba slowly approached them they began to panic, They bit Choji's hands in desperation but he still wouldn't let them go. Tears formed in their eyes as they realized they couldn't break free, but then the glowing mark from earlier appeared on their foreheads.

"MOMMY! They both cried out and as soon as they did Massive vines erupted from the ground.

"What the fuck?!" Kiba cursed as the vines wraped around his body.

"Are they causing this?!" Shikamaru asked himself as a massive vine wrapped around him and breaking his Jutsu.

"Shikamaru!" Choji shouted, worried for his friend but then he was hit hard on the head knocking him on to the ground and releasing the kids.

The kids where enveloped in a pair of warm and safe arms, as they looked at the source they saw the smiling face of their mother.

"Mommy!" They said Happily as they hugged their mother, the glowing marked Dissappeared

"Inoki, Inoka, now do you see why I told you two to stay close, there are alot of wierdos out and about here." She told them gently.

" We're sorry Mommy, we were just so excited to see the place where you, Daddy and our other Mommys grew up in." They both apologized feeling really sorry for wandering off and worrying their mother.

Their mother smiled Gently as she rubbed their faces with hers " Its okay as long as you know better now than to wander away from where I can see you."

They both nodded.

"Good." She says before redirecting her attention to the three Shinobi who all had shocked looks on their faces.

"I-Ino?" Shikamaru whispers her name, not beleaving that she's here and in her human form.

"Hey Shikamaru." Ino greeted her Teammate. She gently places her children on the ground then taking one of their hands in her own walked towards her friends.

Shikamaru continued to stare at Ino as she walked towards them, She's wearing a purple sleveless blouse that really shows off her huge breasts, she has on a matching skirt that reaches mid thigh with the Uzumaki clan symbol on either side of the skirt, she also has on a pair of black high heel stilettos that are similar to the ones worn by Tsunade. Her twins had on matching outfits which consists of a light blue shirt with The Uzumaki clan Symbol on the front and over that is a purple zipper hoody. to complete the outfit Inoki has on white shorts with black ninja sandels while Inoka has on a white floral skirt with black ninja sandels also.

"They're definetly your kids alright." He muttered as Ino stood before him.

"What was that?" Ino asked annoyed.

Shikamaru got up and dusted himself off before responding. " They're as troublesome as you and Naruto combined maybe more if that's possible."

"So your saying my kids are trouble makers?" Ino asked getting right in Shikamaru's face.

"Troublemakers doesn't even begin to describe them." he said nonchalantly.

Ino glared at her Teammate who didn't seems affected before she bursted out lauging. " Still the same dull person huh Shikamaru?" She said smiling.

"And your still the same obnoxious blonde." He said before grinning.

Ino reached out and hugged her friend which he was happy to return. " Its so good seeing you again."

"Yeah." was all he said.

She casts a glance at Choji who's still laying on the floor. " Don't just stand there Choji, get over here!" She called to him as vines emerged from the ground and lifted him on to his feet.

Choji walked to where his teammates where and as soon as he got close enough Ino threw her left arm around him and gave them both a tight hug.

"The Ino-Shika-Cho are reunited!" Ino declared, her two friends smiling at what she said.

Her children however where looking at the situation in confusion, they were being attacked by them, their mother shows up to save them and now she made friends with them?.

"Mommy knows them?" Inoki asked out loud.

"What's Ino-Shika-Cho?" Inoka asked her brother.

Kiba on the other hand just stared in shock, Ino was here and she's human. He takes a good look at her and he liked what he sees, she has big breasts that are as big as Tsunade's before she had her transformation, nice slim waist that led to well shaped hips and a nice round butt. her skin was fair and smooth and her face looked gorgeous. He couldn't help but Imagine what she would look like without her clothes.

Inoki and Inoka sensed his gaze on their mother and then an image of their naked mother appeared in their minds.

"Hey!" Inoki shouted at Kiba, gaining everyones attention.

"Stop Having such nasty thoughts about my mommy!" Inoka shouted angrily.

They both got in front of their mother, protecting her from Kiba's stare, Kiba was surprised that they knew what he was thinking and now he was feeling akward at being stared at by the reunited Team Azuma. He scratched the back of his head akwardly as he tried to speak. " Who me? Nah, I mean I admit your mom's smooking hot but I would never-"

He was cut off when the twins kicked him in the face, "Baka Hentai!" They say in Unison as Kiba is sent flying back and crashing into some nearby trash cans. Choji and Shikamaru were stunned at what has just accured before their eyes, while Ino was beaming with pride and joy at her kids. Inoki and Inoka ran back to their mother who stood in front of Choji and Shikamaru and bend down with open arms as the twins ran into her. She wraped her arms around them and rose to her feet.

"Ohhh that was great, you two did an excellent job Mommy is so proud of you!" Ino gushed in happiness, which washed over her children and made them smile brightly at feeling their mother's happiness.

"Really?" Inoki asked as he backed up a bit to look at his mother's slitted light blue eyes that were a mirror image of his but still not releasing his hold on her.

"Yep, you showed me that your capable of dealing with perverts." Ino explained, having seen what her children saw thanks to her enhanced mind reading abilities.

"I don't want any pervert looking at you funny Mommy!" Inoki declared, he was very protective of his mother and sister. he almost never left her side except for the ocassions when she wanted some alone time with his father. He and his twin sister are inseperable, they have such a strong bond that they're able to tell what the other is thinking and finishing each others sentences. They're able to speak in perfect unison without even trying or meaning to, they inherited their mother's intellgence and their father's creativity which allows them to pull pranks on anyone successfully even their father.

"Yeah, you belong to Daddy!" Inoka said and her brother nodded in agreement.

"Yes, I do." Ino said gazing at her children with love. " Especially since he gave me you two."

The twins giggle in embarrasment and Ino sroked their faces lovingly. " the two of you along with your siblings are living proof of the love between me and your father."

"so are we like your heart." Inoka asked.

"Yes, you two definetly are my heart, so whenever you get hurt or sad that's my heart breaking." She told them causing their eyes to widen.

"W-we won't get hurt anymore!" Inoka said as tears formed in her eyes.

"Yeah, we don't want to break your heart!" Inoki said as tears started flowing down his face.

Ino mentally chastised herself, ",no you didn't break Mommy's heart, you could never break Mommy's heart." Ino tried ccalming down her twins.

Shikamaru then coughed in his hand to gain Ino's attention. " Sorry to interrupt Ino, but if your here does that mean that Naruto and the others are too?"

"Yes, We sent a message to lady Tsunade telling her about our arrival." She told him standing up with her twins who are wipping away the tears .

Kiba suddenly pops out of the garbage and quickly walks back to where the others are. " Wait, so HInata's there to?" He asked.

"Yeah, but she might stop by the Hyuga compound to see her Father, sister and Neji." she told him, as her twins glare at Kiba.

"Okay, thanks I better tell Shino so we can surprise her, C'mon Akamaru!" Kiba said running ahead with Akamaru close behind.

"We better get going also, I'm not sure how much longer Naruto-kun can handle the kids." Ino said smiling as she began walking to the Hokage tower.

As The re-united Team Asuma head to the Hokage tower, Asami and Nawaki were still looking For Inoki and Inoka but appear to have lost  them.

"They have eluded us." Asami says looking around.

"well, we don't even know what they look like so that's why they gave us the slip." Her brother told her.

"Just focus on anyone that looks suspicious." She told Nawaki as she spots something odd. " I think I spot something."

"Where?" Nawaki asked.

Asami pointed ahead to something pink in the distance, it stood out amung the crowed as it was waking around looking for something.

"Do you think that's them?" he asked.

"Only one way to find out, hey you!" Asami called out as she ran towards it with her brother right behind her.

Said person of interest turned to the direction of the yell and saw Asami coming towards him, Asami got a good look at him and noticed that the pink she spotted was his pink hair, she also noticed that he has a green diamond mark on his large forehead like her mother. He had on a black shirt with the Uzumaki clan Symbol on the front and orange shorts with the Haruno clan symbol on each side of the leg part. he appeared to be around the same age as her maybe a little older.

Asami stops in front of him and eyes him suspiciously making the boy uncomfortable, she looks into his emerald colored slitted eyes and makes a conclusion.

"It's you!" She said pointing a the boy.

"Wha?" He nervously says, not quite understanding the situation.

"Your the one that caused all that trouble earlier!" Asami accused him.

" I Don't know what your talking about!" The boy said backing away.

" Don't play dumb and what's with that on your forehead, are you trying to copy my Mommy?" Asami said angrily.

The boy placed his hands on his forehead, " My Mommy showed me how to do it, she said her -"

"There's no way your Mommy can know that technique, only our mommy knows that Jutsu." Asami cut him off, annoyed at his lies."

"Its the truth, My Mommy told me that My Grandma taught her that!" The boy argued.

"Stop Lying!" Asami Shouted.

"I'm not lying!" The boy shouted back.

"I'll show you what happens to people who lie to me!" Asami said as she gathered Chakra in her fist and threw a punch at the pink haired boy, but he gathered chakra in his hand and blocked her punch.

"No way!" Asami thought shocked.

"Asami-chan!" Nawaki calls his sister's name as he charges at the boy with his own chakra enhanced punch.

The pink haired boy jumps out of the way, he lands he few feet away from them and then makes a run for it.

"Come back here BROW!" Asami shouted out an insult that was used on only one other person.

The boy stoped before turning around to face them." For your information I like my big forehead, because Its charming just like my Mommy's!" He shouted at Asami before running away.

"Get back here!" Asami yelled before giving chase.

"Hey wait for me!" Nawaki said before running after his sister.

As the twins chased after the mysterious boy, Hiashi Hyuga is sparring with his daughter in the training field.

"Your form is coming along nicely Hanabi." Hiashi complimented.

"Thank you Father." Hanabi responded.

As they continued with their spar someone was watching them closely, he observed their movements with interest, watching for any openings he could exploit. He saw Hiashi make an attack on Hanabi that caused her to doge it and leave an opening .

"Now." The person watching thought as he made himself vissible and jumped right at them.

Hiashi and Hanabi's eyes widen in shock at seeing the young boy come out of nowhere and come at them with an attack that looked like-.

'Eight Trigrams: Air Palm!" He declared as he thrusted his right palm forward unleashing an intense air blast at Hiashi and Hanabi and having no time to dodge it they hade no choice but to take it.

"That's a Hyuga clan Technique, but how-" Hiashi thought before he took a closer look at the assailant, He had on a lavender and cream colored hooded-jacket like the one Hinata wore but the zipper was undone revealing his black T-shirt with the Hyuga clan symbol on the front, he has black and red colored shorts with black ninja sandels. He has dark blue hair that spikes at the sides, but what really caught Hiashi's attention is his Byakugan.

"Who are you and Why did you attack us?" Hanabi asked, eyeing the assailant.

"I want to see how I stack up against you two." The assailant spoke as he got into the Hyuga clans Taijutsu style.

All three combatents stayed still, each waiting for the other to make a move and counter. The young assainlant moved first and rushed at Hiashi with blinding speed. Hiashi was caught off guard at the child's speed but still managed to block his strike, he then countered with one of his one but he toned it down so he wouldn't seriously injure the child. However the young boy manged to neutrelize it with one of his own, Hiashi was surpsrised that such a young boy was able to block his strike by attacking it head on. The young boy smirked  at Hiashi's stunned expression, he knew that he would be underestimted and that gave him the advantage. He saw Hanabi coming at him from behind, He pulled his right foot back and blocked Hanabi's strike. but that left him wide open and Hiashi took full advantage of this by attempting to kick the young boy while Hanabi attempted a strike with her free hand.

"We got him!" both Hanabi and Hiashi thought.

The young boy's smirk never left his face as chakra gathered around his body and he spun on his free leg creating a sphere of chakra around him that repelled Hanabi and Hiashi.

"that's Rotation!" Hiashi gasped as he skidded across the training field.

When the rotation stoped it left a scorched mark on the area around The young boy similar to the size of his rotation. Hiashi and Hanabi were about to attempt another attack when they found themselves paralyzed.

"I can't move?" Hanabi said aloud as she attempted to move her body but couldn't.

"You won't be able to move for a while." The young boy said, as Hanabi and Hiashi looked at him and notice electricity covering his body like an aura.

"What did you do to us?" Hiashi asked as he struggles to move.

"Its simple I combined my lightning affinity with the rotation to send an electric current into your bodies causing temporary paralysis." The young boy explained proudly.

Hiashi had to admit that the way the boy used the technique was genius, no one had ever thought of applying their own chakra nature to the Hyuga clan techniques. The boy shakes his head in dissapointment.

"I was told that you two were strong, but you're not even in the same league as Mamma." He said surprising the two.

"Your Mamma?" Hanabi asked

"Yep, she's way stronger than you two." He said proudly. " Now lets finish this, Shadow clone Jutsu!" The boy summoned numerous clones of himself and they all charged at the immobilyzed Hiashi and Hanabi.

"He's got us." Hiashi told himself as the young boy's clones jumped into the air and coming down on them.

"Air palm!"

The clones were all hit by an intense air pressure causing them to dispell, Hiashi and Hanabi looked to the source of the attack and saw Neji.

"Uncle, Lady Hanabi are you alright?" Neji asked, keeping his eyes on his opponent.

"Cousin Neji.

"Neji be carefull, this foe is not to be underestimated." Hiashi warned.

The young boy however didn't seemed bothered by Neji's arrival in fact his smirk only grew. " I'm afarid your arrival won't change the outcome, uncle Neji."

"What did you call me?" Neji asked shocked before he felt something land on his shoulders.

"Hi." a young boy Similar to the one he's facing but his hair was slightly spiky, he sticks his index fingers in his mouth before jabbing them in Neji's ears.

"AAAAAHHH!" Neji screams in shock.

"wet willy!" The boy laught as Neji continued to scream out, but then he was tackled into the ground by numerous clone.

"Your turn." The first assailant said as his remaing shadow clones and himself charged at Hanabi and Hiashi.

"Katsu, Katsuo that's enough now."

The Katsu clones stopped just as they were about to jump and everyone looked to the direction of the Voice.

"H-Hinata?" Hiashi stutters as he looks at his daughter who is human.

Hinata smiles a gentle serene smile, She's wearing a long sleeved, collared white shirt, lavender dress and blue pants (similar to what she wore in the epilogue of the manga.)

"Don't be so rough on grandpa and aunty and Katsuo that wasn't a nice thing to do to your uncle." Hinata chastised her sons.

"Yeah, you should've given him a wedgie too." A little girl with blonde hair said coming from behind Hinata, She's wearing a dark blue blouse, with matching dark blue skirt and black shorts underneath.

"Hanako-chan that's not very nice." Hinata told her daughter.

"But Mamma, Uncle Neji needs to pay for making you suffer when you two were little." Hanako told her mother.

"Yeah and we're teaching grandpa not to underestimate people anymore." Katsu explained.

"Underestimating your opponent is a fatal mistake." Katsuo added in.

Eversince they heard stories of how their uncle and Grandfather treated their Mother, they wanted to get payback on Hinata's behalf. Even though she told them that she holds no animosity towards her father and cousin.

"I've told you that I don't hold any ill feelings towards them, I love your grandfather and uncle and the only reason they did what they did was because of the views of the Hyuga clan." HInata explained.

"Then we'll crush the Hyuga clan!" All three children declared with great determination in their eyes, causing Hiashi Hanabi and Neji to gasp in shock.

" You don't need to do that, Me and your father are already making plans to change the clan. and Your grandfather has been changing the clan for the better too." Hinata explained as she shifted her view to her father.

"Hmm okay if you say so, but I'm still going to mess with them." Hanako said.

"like this!" Katsu said as he dispelled his clones and ran to his Grandfather before jumping on top of him.

"Katsu!" HInata shouted her son's name.

"Don't worry Hinata, Its alright." Hiashi said as he wrap his arms around his grandson." He has every right to do this."

"Hey don't forget about us." Katsuo and Hanako said before runing towards their grandfather anf jumping on him.

They tried to wrap their arms around him but they weren't long enough, Hinata smiled at the display despite their earlier meeting her children still love their grandfather. They then got off him and went to jump on top of Neji and then Hanabi but she was prepared and caught them without falling on to the ground. the training ground was filled with laughter as the family was enjoying their reunion.

Not to far from the Hokage tower Mebuki and Kizashi are making their way there after getting a message from a toad telling them that the Hokage requests their presence.

"what do you suppose the Hokage wants us for?" Kizashi asked.

"How should I know." Mebuki says as they made their way to the tower but then they spot something running towards them.

"What in the world is that?" KIzashi said as the pink haired boy runs past them.

"Hey, didn't that boy look like Sakura?" Mebuki pointed out.

"But that was a boy."Kizashi said as they looked at theboy who was running to the Hokage tower.

"He's heading to the Hokage tower, we got to hurry." Asami said as she and Nawaki ran past the Haruno's.

"What's going on here?" Mebuki asked.

"I don't know but mu gut is telling me that it might have something to do with Sakura." Kizashi says before running after them.

"H-hey wait for me!" Mebuki says before running after her husband.

Meanwhile in the Hokage tower after Tsunade recieves the message from the toad and Katsuyu she immediately bolted out of the room and down the hallway. But as she got to the downstairs loby she froze, there right in front of her is a large group which consists of five adults one of which is the Kazekage and Numerous small children. The group stare at the frozen Hokage and one of the adults a blonde man with three whisker marks on each cheek just smiles.

"Hey Kaa-chan."

"Naru-chan?" Tsunade whispers his name as she remembers the day he left.


After Naruto returned to the battlefield, he found that the fighting has stopped and the ROOT ambu were just standing there.

"what's going on?" Narut asked.

"Naruto-kun, you did i!" Sakura said as she was runing towards him.

"Did what?" Naruto asked as Sakura wraped her arms around him.

"You defeated Danzo,so the curse mark that was placed on the ROOT members." Sakura told him.

"BUt I didn't defeat Danzo?" Naruto told her.

"What?" Sakura looks at him confused.

"He got away when he used something called Shisui's eye." Naruto explained.

"But if you didn't kill Danzo, then who did?" Ino asked.

Nobody knew who was responsible for killing off Danzo but they weren't complaining however when they returned to the Hokage tower, they were greeted to a gruesome sight. The village elders Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane were lying dead on top of each other, there was no sign of whoever was responsible so the investigation is at a stand still. Several days later Tsunade is in her human form surrounded by her trusted shinobi and family of the vixens, in front of her is her newly found family.

"are you sure about this?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah." Naruto tells her.

" Can't you stay for a little bit longer?" Tsunade pleaded.

"Sorry Kaa-chan, but the longer we stay, the harder it'll be to leave.

Tsunade nodded in understanding before wrapping her arms around her son in a hug. " Please take care of yourselves and remember that you're all welcome back."

"Thank you, Kaa-chan, I love you." Naruto tells her.

"I love you too." Tsunade says fighting back tears.

"Take care of yourself kid." Jiraiya tells him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You bet."

After everyone said their goodbyes Naruto and his Family gathered around each other and teleported back to their den.

"They'll still be at their den right Milady?" Shizune asks.

"No, they'll change locations so we won't find them." Tsunade tells her apprentice as tears stream down her face.

                                                                    Flashback End.

Tears streamed down her eyes as she ran towards Naruto and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace." Naru-chan!" Tsunade cried as she kissed Naruto's face Repeatedly.

"Kaa-chan, your embarassing me." Naruto says with a blush on his cheeks.

"your really back?" Tsunade asks holding him tight for fear that he might dissappear if she didn't.

"Yeah, we're back for good this time." Naruto tells her smiling.

Tsunade then looks to Sakura and Temari who's laughing at her daughter Akiko biting Kankuro's leg, She goes to them and hugs them as well.

"its good to see you again mother." Temari tells her.

Tsunade pulls back from the hug and smiles at Temari, she then looks to her grandchildren who have increased in number. Just then the door leading outside bursts open to reveal The pink haired boy.

"Kiyoshi!" Sakura calls to her son.

"Mommy!" Kiyoshi cries as he runs to his mother.

"What's the matter?" Sakura asks taking her son into her arms.

"They're after me." Kiyoshi tells her.


Asami and Nawaki storm inside and point at Kiyoshi, "We've got you now!" Asami declares.

"what's going on?" Tsunade asks her twins.

"Mommy, this boy has been causing trouble." Nawaki tells her.

"Trouble?" Sakura questions looking at her son.

"yeah he's been runing amok in the village." Asami says aloud.

"It wasn't me!" Kiyoshi tells her.

"Ha! who else could it be?" Asami demands.

" I think I have your culprits right here." Ino says coming into the lobby.

"Who are you?" Asami askd

"The mother of the culprits and your big sister." Ino winks.

"Big sister?" Asami softly whispers before looking at her Mamma.

"That's right, she is your big sister as well as these two. " She motions to Sakura and Temari " The woman that  just came in also." She motions to HInata as she, her Family and teammates that she met along the way entered. "and this." She says placing her hands on Naruto's shoulders "Is your big brother." She finishes.

The twins stay silent for a while before breaking into a sprint to Naruto.

"Big brother!" They say as in unison as they tackle their big brother.

"Hey!" Naruto says smiling, as he brings his arms around the two, at this time Kizashi Mebuki and Shizune walked in.

"Sakura?" KIzashi asks looking at his human daughter.

"HI Mom, Dad." Sakura greets her parent.

"Sakura-chan!" Kizashi shouts as he runs to his daughter and engulfs her in a hug.

"Sakura!" Mebuki joins her husband as the large Family introduces themselves.

Tsunade looks on with a smile as Jiraiya comes over to her side and places his arms around her shoulder.

"told you, your luck has changed." Jiraiya reminds her.

"Yes you did." Tsunade says before adding." And that means your stuck doing my paper work for the rest of the week."

Jiraiya slumps and groans at this "Yeah, I know."

Tsunade goes to her family and gets there attention " well I suppose all that's left to say is Welcome back!"

They all cheer as the begin to mingle and tell each other what's been happening to them, this was truly a joyful ocassion.

"that's some welcome home?" A Mysterious voice asks looking at the scene from outside a window.

"Yeah." the figure next to him responded as he watch his former teammates with his onyx colored eyes.

"Whoever thought that my contact with the Kyuubi would result in Naruto turning into a fox and then turning those girls as well." THe MYsterioous figure said, he then reached into his pocket and pulled out some cards. " But at least it wasn't all bad." He said going through the cards and finding ones with the images of Naruto and his vixens in their human form and fox form.

"You planned all this?" The second figure asks.

"No, it was an accident." He told the second figure truthfully.

"Sure." The second figure said turning away from the happy scene.

"don't you want to stay a bit longer?" He asks.

"No, I got my revenge on the ones responsibble for massacring my clan." The figure responds.

"suit yourself." The first figure responds before a space/time rift consumes them before dissappearing, then later reappearing outside the village and bringing the two figures with it.

"So what are you going to do now, Sasuke?" THe figure asks.

"I'm going to find my brother." Sasuke tells him without turning around.

" alright then" The figure says as another space/time rift opened behind him. " I'll be making my leave then."

"Before you go, I want to ask you something"

"what?" The figure asks intrigued.

"Why did you help me get my revenge?" Sasuke asks turning around to look at the figure.

"Oh that." He says scratching the back of his head." for one thing its because they had it comming."

"and the second?"

"Because I felt like it." The figure says smirking.

Sasuke stares at him before closing his eyes. "I see."

"Yeah, simple as that." The figure says nonchalantly.

"just who are?" Sasuke asks as the figure steps into the space/time rift.

"I suppose I can tell you now." The figure says as the rift starts consuming him. "I..."

Sasuke turns around as the figure is swallowed by the rift, he stares at the stop for a while before a girl with red hair comes up to him.


"What is it Karin?" Sasuke asks without turning around.

"Are you ready to go?" Karin asks.

Sasuke doesn't answer for a while but then turns around and begins walking past her. Karin soon follows and after a while speaks " Hey Sasuke-kun, just who was that guy?" Karin says adjusting her glasses.

"Just passing through Kamen Rider." Sasuke tells her.

Karin stops and just stares at Sasuke who continues walking ahead of her until she runs to catch up to him.

                                                                The End

Well that's the end of Primal desires, I would like to thank everyone who stuck with this story from the very beginning and for reviewing they really helped motivate me to continue this story. If it feels rushed then it probably is I wanted to get this chapter done as soon as possible, I hope you like how I ended the story as well as the special Cameo for my next story which I'll be writing soon. I would also like to ask SHADOW FLAMETHROWER for permission to use his Oc that he told me about in another story that I'll write after I'm far enough with my current stories.

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                                                                 According to plan

Tsunade and Jiraiya returned to the den bringing with them a Deer, 3 rabbits and some fish for the feast, they also found Sake in one of the cabinents in the kitchen and Tsunade was all too eager to try some. They cooked up a great feast that everyone enjoyed, the kits wanted to partake in the feast but they weren't ready to eat solid food. Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Temari ate like they haven't eaten in days, enjoying every bite but as they ate, Tsunade and Jiraiya looked on with knowing smiles. later that when everyone else was fast asleep, Tsunade and Jiraiya were in the living room completing the final parts of their plan.

" Everything is ready Hime." Jiraiya announced as he wrote the final seals in the living room floor.

Tsunade nodded at him and made her way to her son's room, she stops at the front door before taking a deep breath and reaches for the doorknob.

"No turning back now." She tells herself as she opens the door and makes her way inside.

She sees her son and his mates laying in a protective circle with their kits in the middle, She walks up to Naruto and gently lifts him on to her shoulder. Tsunade creates a shadow clone to take Naruto's place in the circle as she carries Naruto downstairs towards the living room, She places Naruto in the center of a circle in the room and goes to retrieve the others. She creates two clones of her self, one to carrie the kits while the Original carries Sakura and the second clone to take her place on the protective circle. Tsunade then brings Sakura and the kits to the living room and placed them in the same position they were earlier except that Tsunade's clone still held on to the kits. Jiraiya looks at Tsunade silently asking why her clone is still holding on to the kits.

"It's a mother thing, you wouln't understand." Tsunade says smiling making Jiraiya pout.

Tsunade resumes her task of getting the others and leaving a clone of herself to fill in for the missing Vixen, even though they were in the safety of their den Tsunade wasn't taking any chances with the safety of her precious family. After she has placed all the vixens in the center of the seal does she place the kits in the center on the circle the vixens form . She and Jiraiya stand next to each other in the circle and made a ram hand seal with each others oposite hand and they all vanished.

   Meanwhile back at the Hidden Leaf village everyone involved with the plan has gathered inside Tsunade's home and they watch Tsunade's clone and Shizune finish making the last of the seals on the floor of Tsunade's living room.

"I wonder how Temari's been?"Kankuro suddenly said.

"I'm sure she is fine, remember Temari can take care of herself and Naruto is by her side." Gaara told him confidently.

"I Still don't see how you can be so calm about all this even now when we're going to meet our sister and our niece and nephews for the first time since she ran away with that punk." Kankuro asked as he tapped his foot against the floor impatiently.

" Because I can." Gaara said simply.

Kankuro looked at Gaara to see him smiling slightly and before he can say anything else the seals started glowing, The Tsunade clone and Shizune back away from the sealing circle just as Tsunade, Jiraiya and the sleeping Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari and the kits appeare in the center of the seal. Everyone watched as Tsunade checked each of the sleeping foxes to see if they're alright, she then looks at everyone  and they appeare to be on edge.

" Everyone relax, I've given them a sedative so they shouldn't wake up any time soon." Tsunade assures them but then they hear a groaning noise which makes them all take a defensive position.

Tsunade tenses and quickly turns around before she relaxes and smiles at what she sees, Kiyoshi is moving around in his sleep and making dissaproving groaning noises, it appears that he doesn't like the cold hard wood floor. Soon his movements start stiring up his sibblings and Tsunade notices Sakura's hand twitch, she must sense that Kiyoshi needs her and she's subconsciously fighting of the sedative to tend to his needs. Tsunade quickly goes to him and holds him in her arms she looks at the rest of the kits and an idea forms in her head.

"Mebuki, Kizashi, Inoichi, Megumi, Hiashi, Hanabi, Neji, Lord Kazekage and Kankuro could you come over hear for a moment." Tsunade asks them, they look at each other questioningly before going to her.

"What do you need Milady?" Hiashi asks.

"I need you all to help me carry the babies." She said surprising them.

"A-are you sure?" Inoichi asked nervously as he stared at the moving kits.

"Yes, if we don't calm them down then their mothers will wake up." Tsunade warned them and to prove her point the vixens are begining to stir as their maternal instinct is telling them that their babies need them.

Tsunade looks at Kizashi and Mebuki and gestures for them to come closer, she then hands Kiyoshi over to Mebuki and she takes him from her with shaky hands. Mebuki stares at her grandson moving in her arms while Kizashi looks over her shoulder, she runs her left finger over his soft pink fur which manages to calm him a bit. Tsunade then hands her Kushina and hands Akemi to Kizashi, they both look at their grandchildren and despite them being foxes they couldn't help but fall in love with them. tears streamed down the sides of Mebuki's cheeks as she continued to stroke the sides of Kushina and Kiyoshi's faces.

"What're their names?" Mebuki asked not taking her eyes of the two kits in her arms.

" Well the one that looks like Sakura is Kiyoshi, Kushina is the other one your holding and Akemi is the one your husband is holding." Tsunade tells them with a smile as she watches them stare at their grandchildren, she was like that too when she first held them.

She turned her attention back to the kits and picks up Katsu and Katsuo, who begin to calm down a little at feeling Tsunade's warmth. Tsunade turns to Hiashi, Neji and Hanabi " Hiashi these are your grandsons Katsu and Katsuo."

Hiashi stares at his Grandsons before reaching to take a hold of them, He recieves Katsu and before he can recieve Katsuo Hanabi suddenly stoped him.

"F-father Is it alright if I hold him?" Hanabi asked nervously.

Hiashi stared at his youngest daughter in surprise before smiling and nodding, Tsunade hands over Katsuo to Hanabi's waiting arms. Hanabi carefully craddles Katsuo in her arms and Katsuo lets out a yawn as he snuggles close to his aunt, Hanabi couldn't help the smile that spread across her face at her nephew's adorable yawn. Neji watched his uncle and cousin and was amazed at how diffirent they seem to be around Katsu and Katsuo, his uncle may not show any outward diffirence but if you look hard enough you could see a gentleness in his eyes that was unheard of to those who didn't know him and even to those that did would be .surprised at what they see.

Tsunade then picks up Inoki and Inoka and looks towards Inoichi and Megumi who look like they couldn't wait to hold them. " Inoichi, Megumi may I present you, Your Grandson Inoki and your granddaughter Inoka." Tsunade tells them as she hands Inoki to Inoichi and Inoka to Megumi.

" The next member of the future INOSHIKACHO is truly something." Inoichi said in amazement.

"THEY are truly something dear." Megumi corrected her husband as she stroked Inoka's cheek affectionately, but Inoki and Inoka still continued to fuss and started making begging noises.

Ino's ears perk up upon hearing her pups which made everyone nervous, Megumi and Inoichi tried to calm them down but to no avail. Ino's facial expression begins to tense as her pups cries start to get louder, Tsunade motions for them to give her Inoki and Inoka which they do with a bit of sadness. But to everyones shock the twins cries start to die down as they snuggle close to each other, Inoka rubs her face against her brother's as if to assure herself that he's right beside her and Inoki returns the gesture. A smile spreads across Megumi's lips as it dawned on her what just happened.

"They don't want to be seperated from each other, That's so cute." Megumi cooed.

Suddenly Inoki and Inoka began to be covered in yellow chakra making everyone gasp, but when Ino's body is covered in yellow chakra everyone tenses as they prepare for the worst. but Ino's tense facial expression begins to calm and soon she takes a deep breath in unison with her pups and resumes her sleep as the yellow chakra that sorrounds them fades.

"What was that?" Inoichi asked.

Tsunade looked between Ino and the twins trying to come up with a possible explanation as to what happened. " I believe we witnessed their conection."

"Connection?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes its the connection between a mother and her child, the chakra probably let Ino know that Inoki and Inoka were okay and that they were in good hands." Tsunade explained.

"Then does she know what's going on?" Megumi asks as she looks at her sleeping daughter, wondering if she has been made aware of the situation.

"It's hard to tell, But I believe since Inoki and Inoka haven't actually seen us then Ino doesn't know what's going on yet." Tsunade assured everyone, but she wanted to get them all to the special room she had prepared for them. She looks at Megumi and hands over Inoki and Inoka to her but she hesitates to take them. " It's okay, as long as they're both together then they should remain calm."

Megumi carefully takes them into her arms and they snuggle close to her, Megumi smiles as looks at Inoichi who's smiling at her. Tsunade goes to get the remaining kits and picks up Akio and Akiko, She hands Akio to Gaara and Akiko to Kankuro. Gaara stares in amazement at the small life in his arms, holding him carefully as if he were made of glass. But Kankuro on the other hand is holding Akiko akwardly, he's at a loss at what to do as he tries to keep the squirming Akiko in his arms. Having had enough of Kankuro's movements Akiko maneuvers herself in her uncles arms and bites down on his finger, Kankuro didn't feel anything at first but then he felt a sharp pain as Akiko bit him again and sunk her growing canines in between his finger nails.

"Shit!" Kankuro yells in pain as he pries his hand away from Akiko, but in doing so his hold on Akiko loosens and she slips from his hand.

"Kankuro!" Gaara shouts as he watches his niece fall to the ground, but just as she's mere inches from hitting the floor, a fur covered arm catches her.

Everyone in the room looks in shock and horror as the arm that caught Akiko belongs to a now awake Temari, Temari brings Akiko close and she happily snuggles into her Mother's bossom. Temari has Hikaru in her other arm and she nuzzles Akiko to inspecting her to make sure she's alright, but then she looks at Kankuro who's face looses all its color upon seeing the look his older sister is giving him. Temari looks at Kankuro with murder and unimaginable furry in her eyes, she slowly walks up to Kankuro causing him to start baking up.

"You Idiot!" Temari says angrily, she was sleeping comfortably until her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive and forced her to wake up in time to see her daughter falling from Kankuro's arms into the hard wood floor. Using speed that surpasses even that of the fourth Hokage she scoops up her son in her left arm and reaches for her daughter with her right. once Akiko was safe in her arms, Temari turned her attention to the person responsible for putting her daughter in harms way.

"T-Temari it wasn't my fault, t-the brat bit me." Kankuro said nervously but his poorly chosen words only served to fuel Temari's anger.

Temari looks towards Tsunade and hands over Akiko and Hikaru before going back to Kankuro, Temari bares her fangs as she closses in on Kankuro and he backs away in fear. " You dare call my child a brat after dropping her?!" she growled angrily as Kankuro trips and falls on his back.

"N-no wait t-that's not what I meant!" Kankuro begs as Temari towers above him, he looks towards Gaara hoping that he would try to stop her but to his dissmay he's just looking on while still holding Akio.

Temari grabs on to the front of Kankuro's full body suit and lifted him above her head leaving his feet dangling beneath him. " I know that you aren't good with children But I figured that you'd make an exception for your neice and nephew, But apparently I was wrong!" Temari balls up her fist and everyone in the room knew what was coming next.

"I'm not going to make that mistake again."

"Wai-" Kankuro was cut off as Temari's fist connected with his face and sent him bursting through the roof and flying across the village.

Everyone was clapping at Temari's impressive display of strength, even Akiko and Hikaru were flailing their arms at seeing their Mother send the "bad" man flying. Temari lets out an exhausted breath before returning to Tsunade and taking her pups from them.

"I'm sorry about the roof Milady." Temari says apologatic, as her pups snuggle into her bossom.

"Don't worry, this house has the ability to repair itself whenever it sustains any sort of damage." Tsunade explains. "and you don't have to call me that now."

"Yes. Mother." Temari says timidly.

Gaara is a little surprised at seeing Temari act so timidly at just calling Tsunade Mother, she usually puts up a strong front in front of everyone. But looking at his sister now Gaara notices that's she's different than the person he knew before and its not just her appearance. Even though her body is now covered in beautiful sandy blonde fur, her movements and gestures are still the same although a bit different somehow, her normally strong aura that she usually emits is now even stronger but now that she's holding her pups the aura is now a both calm and fierce, probably a warning for others to stay away. And probably the biggest change Gaara sees from Temari is her smile, it radiates pure happiness as she's holding her babies. He's never seen Temari smile so bright before and the happiness that she's emitting is almost infectious as he couldn't fight the smile that spread on his lips.

Temari feels Gaara's stare and looks at him " I never thought I'd see you smiling little brother." she says smiling mischievously. Gaara's smile instantly drops causing Temari to laugh " Oh come on don't be like that you have a cute smile, you should smile more often."

Gaara actually blushes which makes Temari laugh again, That's another thing Gaara noticed that's changed about her, she laughs more now than she ever did before. As Temari's laughter begins to die down, she starts to notice that everyone else in the room is on edge. They are all looking at her with tense expressions and Temari could tell that some of them are uneasy with her around, but before she could say anything about it Jiraiya's laughter brings everyones attention to him.

"Wow, what did I tell you Hime? She's a fantastic woman just like you, Naruto is one very lucky man!" Jiraiya says whole heartedly.

Temari blushes at the comment, to actually hear that she's just like Lady Tsunade who is famous for her intelligence, strength and Beauty is a great honor. She looks at her Mother-in-law who is blushing as well, but then it dawns on her that her brothers as well as the Family and friends of her mate are here. She gets in to a defenssive stance and holds Akiko and Hikaru close to her chest, she radiates a strong aura filled with killer intent that causes all the shinobi in the room to assume an attack position.

Tsunade immediately gets in between them and attempts to calm everyone down. " Hey, stand down! Temari calm down you're not in any danger I promise."

Temari was a little reluctant to let down her guard and a gust of wind blew in the room, Tsunade knew that if she didn't act fast then Temari would literally blow everyone away. She walked towards Temari and placed her hands on her shoulder. "Temari look at me, everything is alright just follow me and I'll take you somewhere where they won't bother you."

"They wouldn't be bothering me at our den." Temari thought annoyed before she nodded and allowed Tsunade to guide her away, but not before turning her head to look at her brother " Gaara, you come with us too I don't want Akio to be in a different room than I am." She ordered, Gaara nodded and followed close behind.

Tsunade creates three shadow clones to carry Ino, Hinata and Sakura while Jiraiya carries Naruto, they made their way through several corridors before comming to a stop at a wall. Tsunade places her palm against the wall and several seals spread from where her palm is touching against the wall, as Tsunade pulls her hand away a space time  rift begins to open where her hand was and expands until its big enough for poeple or in this case humanoid foxes to pass through. Upon entering the rift they find themselves in a beautiful forest area which amazes the family of the vixens.

"What is this place?" Temari asks.

"Its something my grandparents made so that they can have privacy." Tsunade explained a she led them deep into the forest.

Along the way everyone marveled at what they see, they knew the first Hokage had great skills but to create something like this was truly amazing. as they made their way deeper into the forest, Akio started waking up, His eyes fluttered open and he looks at Gaara who looks back. Akio is confused at this unfamiliar person and he starts looking elsewhere in search of his mother and upon spotting her he begins to giggle in delight as he reaches for her.

Temari hears her son and turns to see him reaching out to her, she smiles and walks to him. she leans her head down and nuzzles Akio which he responds by nuzzling her back, Temari cast a glance at Gaara and smiles.

"Say hello to your uncle, Akio-chan." Temari tells her son lovingly.

Akio looks at Gaara and tilts his head in confusion, but then he spots the tattoo like mark on his head and starts reaching for it, Temari smiles as Gaara does not understand what Akio wants as he continues to reach for his forehead.

"I think he's interested in your tattoo." Temari says trying not to laugh.

Gaara leans his head down so Akio can reach his head and soon gaara feels Akio's cold nose against his forehead before feeling Akio's tongue as he licks the tattoo. He casts a glance to Temari who's trying hard not to laugh, he returns his attention to Akio who's smiling and laughing. Temari feels Akiko and Hikaru moving in her arms and she looks at them reaching to Gaara, apparantly they saw their brother having fun playing with the weird looking person in front of them and they wanted to see what was so fun.

Temari brings them closer to Gaara and both of the pups start sniffing his face and licking it, this time Temari couldn't contain her laughter as her pups continued to lick Gaara's face and gnawing on his hair. Gaara for his part was too stunned to react, his face was getting licked by his niece and nephews surely no other uncle in the world had this happened to him.

"Well, they've really taken a liking to you Gaara." Temari says smiling and relieved that her pups are getting along well with their uncle.

They resume their walk and come across a cave that goes into a small hill, Tsunade walks to the cave entrance which is much smaller than her but she can still enter by going on all fours. She enters the cave and using her specialized night vission is able to see clearly inside, as she explores the cave, memories of her exporing the cave as a little girl with her little brother floaded her mind as she kept going deeper into the cave. But she was snaped out of memory lane when Jiraiya called her name.

"Hey Hime, what do you want us to do? we can't all fit inside while carrying them."

"Just wait outside, I'm going to check out the inside first." Tsunade told him as she resumed her exploration.

She came across a corridor that led to a playroom where she and her brother played, she say a desk that was now full of dust and after removing some of it off the top she saw a crudely drawn picture of herself and she runs her hand along it fondly. Suddenly the floor underneath the desk starts moving to the side bringing the desk along with it to reveal a secret entrance.

"Just like how I remembered it." Tsunade said smiling as she looked inside the secret entrance.

Outside the cave the others were waiting patiently for Tsunade and Temari took this time to feed Akiko and Hikaru. Gaara was playing with Akio and trying his best not to look at his sister breastfeeding the pups, Megumi was sitting on a nearby rock as she stared lovingly at her Grandchildren. The gently rise and fall of their chest reminded Megumi of when Ino was a baby and sleeping peacfully in her arms, now here she is holding her daughter's babies even if they look like wild animals, they are still her flesh and blood.

Tsunade soon comes out of the cave entrance and everyone gathers around her. " Everything checked out okay so we can begin moving them inside."

"But how are we going to do that?" Inoichi asked.

"I've already marked a room inside where they'll be staying so we'll just teleport them inside." Tsunade explains as she grabs Jiraiya's hand and they teleport inside.

"Hey is this...." Jiraiya trails off as he looks at the room.

"Yes, it was my clubhouse." Tsunade says smiling as Jiraiya places Naruto on the carpeted floor. There was toys on a nearby shelf along with pictures books and plushies. she moved a desk that was in the center of the room to the side to make room for her son and his Family.

Tsunade Teleported back outside with Jiraiya and proceeded to bring Ino, Hinata and Sakura inside. Next she brought the pups inside which leaves only Temari and her pups left.

"Okay, you're next Temari."

Temari nods and picks up Akio from Gaara by grabing on to the extra skin on his neck with her mouth. Gaara and the other family members of the vixens were shocked at what Temari just did, they thought that she was hurting Akio but his giggling told them that it was far from hurting him.

Back at Tsunade's home, things were about to take an unexpected turn, Sai was standing in the middle of the shinobi group wearing his signature fake smile. Unknown to everyone else he created several ink rats and dispersed them while everyone was distracted by Temari. with Tsunade gone, now was the perfect time to act, he made a hand seal and several rats jumped out of their hidding place and on to the faces of the shinobi. the ink rats then exploded covering the shinobis with ink.

"sai what the hell?!" Kiba shouted as he attemted to wipe the ink off, but then he started to fell tired.

"Sai, what did you do?" Yamato asked as his eyelids started getting heavier and heavier.

"This is most unyouthful." Lee managed to say before he collapes on to the floor.

Soon everyone else collapsed on the floor as the ink that was laced with a sleeping agent was finaly taking affect, Sai looked around sadly before he went to the front door and upon opening it was greeted with five ROOT ambu.

"Have they all been taken care off?" One of the ROOT ambu asked, he was wearing a bear mask.

"Yes, all but the ones that accompanied lady Tsunade have been dealt with." Sai responds.

" Then we need to proceed with caution." Bear responded.

Sai noded and led them to where he saw lady Tsunade go, when they reached the corridor the ROOT ambu looked around but detected nothing.

"Are you sure this is where they went?" Bear asked.

"yes, Lady Tsunade must have activated a secret path which only she can access." Sai explained.

"Then we shall wait for them to come out." Bear said and no sooner that he said this that a space/time rift opened on a wall.

The ROOT ambu along with Sai quickly hid and masked their presence as Jiraiya, Tsunade and the Families of the girls exited the portal. Tsunade's nose suddenly picked up an unfamiliar scent and she quickly scaned the room.

"Lady Tsunade is something wrong?" Shizune asked worriedly.

"We have company!" Tsunade said as she charged at a nearby lamp and as she got near it something emerged from the shadow of the lamp and tried to attack her with a Kunai. Tsunade quickly grabbed the hand with the kunai using her left hand and grabbed his free handwith her right. she then opened her jaws and chomped down on his neck, she then tore his head off spraying blood everywhere.

The other ROOT ambu  that were hidding emerged from their hidding spots to attack Tsunade but where stoped when they saw something coming towards them.

"Ninja Art: Hair Needle Senbon!" Jiraiya called out as his fur became as sharp as needles and headed towards the Remaining ROOT ambu and impaling Two of them.

Two ROOT ambbu were left but then suddenly reinforcements appeared from the hallways and sorrounded them.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" JIraiya called out as he unleashed a fireball big enough to engulf the ROOT ambu, but not the house.

Fighting in such tight quarters proved to be a disadvantage as they had no room to dodge and were burned to death. Tsunade was slashing the enemy ninja with her sharp claws and punching their heads off, Inoichi was protecting his wife and being assisted by the other families. But then several ink Rats latched on to their faces and expoded.

"What is this?!" KIzashi said annoyed as he tried to wipe the ink from his eyes.

THe ROOT ambu took this chance to get in close and finish them off but stoped when ink lions tackled the disorriented family.

"I've got them." Sai said as he drew more ink rats and directed them at Tsunade and Jiraiya.

They tried swatting away the rats but as soon as they made contact with the rats they would burst and spray ink all over them. The ROOt ambu sorrounded them and continued their assault. JIraiya was knocking several of them away and protecting Tsunade, but he was starting to feel tired.

"NInja Art: Super Beast Scroll!" Said Declared as two ink snakes and an ink lion emerged from his scroll and tackled JIraiya and Tsunade.

The snakes wraped themselves around their bodies while the lions held them down, two ink rats rushed up to them and latched on to their faces before exploding. Jiraiya was slowly succumbing to the sleeping agent as he could barely open his eyes. But Tsunade was still fighting it as she broke free from the snake causing it and the lion to disperse in ink, she then charged at Sai and the remaining ROOT members

"Ninja Art: Super God Imitation Drawing!" Sai called out as two gigantic humanoids emerged from his scroll and restrained Tsunade with their immence strength.

"DO YOU THINK THIS WILL HOLD ME!" Tsunade screamed as she easily overpowered the two giant humanoids and threw them at their summoner.

They managed to dodge them but Tsunade wasn't done as she claps her hands creating a powerful shockwave that knocks them back, she then goes in for the kill but Sai quickly sketches something and summons it. Tsunade stops dead in her track as a little version of Naruto is standing before her.

"Naru-chan?" Tsunade whispers his name.

However this gave Sai an opening as the little Naruto jumped on to Tsunade and exploded completely covering Tsunade in ink. Tsunade wails in anger as she tries to clean the ink from her eyes, Sai then creates an ink snake and it wraps itself around Tsunade Again. She Struggles to break free but her strength is quickly fading as she starts succuming to sleep. soon her struggles stop as she finaly falls alseep.

"She's been restrained, we must hurry and secure the young ones." Sai told the remaining ROOT ambu.

They entered the space/time opening and made their way to the cave, after entering and carefully making their way around until they found a chamber where they spotted Naruto, his vixens and the pups. They carefully took the pups and placed paper bombs around the den and even on the adults.

"we have what we came for, lets finish up and report to lord Danzo." A ROOT member wearing a weasel mask said.

They all quickly left the den and made their way out of the forest and soon heard a loud explossion. They exited the dimension and stealthfully exited the house, back inside the dimension everything was still the way it was. inside the cave the places where the explossive tags were set are surrounded with sand. Gaara emerged from a his hidding spot and approached the sleeping Temari.

"They're gone now." Gaara said causing Temari's eyes to snap open.

"I hope Lady Tsunade's plan is successful." Temari said as she went to another room and saw the desk that Tsunade told her about, she runs her hand along the drawing of Tsunade on the wodden desk and it along with the floor underneath it open revealing a hidden entrance. she sticks her head inside and sees all the pup laying on a pile of cushions.

Meanwhile back at ROOT Danzo is looking over the sleeping pups, a smug look is on his face as he figures that everything has fallen into place.

"Well done, with them I should be able to establish a firm hold on the other clans and even the Kazekage." Danzo tells his ROOT ambu proudly.

"Thank you lord Danzo." Sai said.

"Everything went according to plan." Danzo said triumphant.

"yes, everything went according to plan."

Danzo was startle by the voice that was coming from the pups, he noticed that platinum blonde fur colored pup is looking at him.

"You can talk?!" Danzo questioned it.

The pup started laughing as it burst into smoke and revealed Tsunade in her fox form. "Surprise!"

"Tsunade?!" Danzo asked surprised as his visible eye widened.

Soon the other pups burst into smoke revealing Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Sakura, Kakashi, Yamato, Gai, Jiraiya and Kankuro.

"We got you now you old geezer." Naruto growled out.

"You've revealed your true intentions and now we're bringing you down." Tsunade told him as she took a battle stance.

"Don't be so sure of yourself Princess Tsunade." Danzo spat as he snaps his fingers summoning numerous ROOT ambu to surround them. " You're in domain now."

The ROOT ambu engaged Tsunade's group as Danzo used this opportunity to slip away.

"Don't let him escape." Tsunade ordered as she punched a nearby ROOT ambu sending him flying.

Sakura punched and clawed her way through the ROOT members as she tried to get past them, one of the ROOT ambu managed to sneak up behind her but before he could stab through her with his sword he was impaled by a vine which extended to several others.

"Watch your back Sakura!" Ino warned as she punched a ROOT ambu that was charging at her and knocking his head clean off.

"Okay!" Sakura responded as she slammed her fist on the ground causing it to crack and knocking the ROOT ambu surrounding her off balance. "Ino, now!"

Ino's eyes started glowing as vines emerged from the cracks on the ground and impaling the ROOT members, Hinata activated her Byakugan and got into her clan's taijutsu stance.

"Eight trigrams: Air palm!" Hinata called out as she trusted her right palm forward and unleashing an untense shot of air that knocks several ROOT members away. " Danzo's making his way out through a secret tunnel through that wall."

"I'll get him!" Naruto declared as he made his way through several ROOT ambu before punching a way through the wall.

"Go get him Naruto-kun, teach him not to mess with our family!" Sakura cheered.

As Naruto made his way through the tunnel he narrowly avoids a Shuriken that's been enhanced with wind chakra.

"Nice try." Naruto glared at Danzo.

"Its a real shame, you would have made an exemplary shinobi under my supervision." Danzo said as he threw several shuriken enhanced with his wind chakra.

"Like hell that'll happen!" Naruto shouted as he dodged the shuriken and charged at Danzo with a Rasengan on hand.

Danzo goes through several hand seals before taking a deep breath "Wind release Vacuum Great Sphere!" he declared as he exhaled a large sphere of wind that blocked Naruto's Rasengan.

"Foolish boy, did you think I would fall for your simple attacks." Danzo mocked.

"Nope, that's what I was counting on." Naruto says before dissappearing in a puff of smoke.

Danzo's eye vissibly widens before he looks up to see Naruto with a Rasen-shuriken " I can't dodge it!" Danzo thinks as Naruto slams his Rasen shuriken into his chest.

A giant sphere of wind forms around Danzo and he's attacked by an infinite number of windblades. as the attack comes to an end Danzo is lying in a deep crator, Naruto walks to the edge and looks at the defeated Danzo.

"Serves you right for messing with my Family."Naruto said as he glared at Danzo's still body before it suddenly vanished.

"What the hell!?"

"So I ended up Using Shisui Uchiha's eye after all."

Naruto turned around to see Danzo still alive and he's shocked to see a Sharingan on his right eye but then it deactivates and looses all its color.

"Why the hell do you have a Sharingan?!" Naruto demanded.

" That's something for another time." Danzo tells him before he dissappears in a puff of smoke.

"Hey, get back here!" Naruto shouted.

Naruto lowers his head in shame for letting Danzo escape but then he shakes his head. " No time to feel sorry for myself I got to help the others." He tells himself before runing back to the battle.

Meanwhile outside the village Danzo is walking through the forest contemplating on his defeat. " I've lost the any advantage I had, I must go into hidding and plan my next move." He mutters to himself, but he stops as a space/time distortion accures in front of him and two pairs of eyes can be seen. One is alot bigger than the other and are glowing green while the other are red with three tomoes around the iris.

"What in the world?" Danzo says suprise as the distortion ends revealing who the two figures are. " its you!"

"The Uchiha clan will be avenged."

Birds fly from the trees as an agonizing scream echoes throughout the forest.

Well here's the next chapter, sorry it took so long I've been busy completing some games and shoveling the snow. Next chapter will be the last chapter of Primal desires and I'll try to get that done as soon as possible so look forward to it, as always don't forget to review.


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